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2 Merger Year, Pelindo Multi Terminal Tanjungwangi Aims at Dry Port Ecosystem

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As the easternmost district on the island of Java, Banyuwangi has maritime potential in the transportation services sector. A number of export industries such as lobsters, fishery, and horticulture is a promising business opportunity for export-import growth.

The existence of manufacturing industries such as PT Industri Kereta Api (INKA) is also a sector that should be welcomed by the growth of distribution infrastructure between countries.

Read the opportunity, PT Pelindo Multi Terminal (SPMT) Banyuwangi branch has begun preparing physical supporting infrastructure while collaborating on systems with other port authorities such as KSOP, Customs, quarantine, and Regional Government.



Branch Manager of PT Pelindo Multi Terminal Tanjung Wangi Tonny Hendra Cahyadi revealed the existing potential, Banyuwangi should have a land port or dry port.

Through dry port, Processing shipping documents can be done using a synergistic system with a number of other port authorities and Tanjung Wangi as the collecting terminal..

“I'm thinking about dry port with one gate system cruise documents. Later export goods or domestic shipments can be collected here, the container will be taken to the destination country or port,” said Tony to detikJatim, Tuesday (19/9).

According to Tony, Tanjung Wangi Port capacity with pier length 543 meters are sufficient for leaning 2 until 3 ships together. Harbor depth 14 meters he assessed were also capable of being a safe ship base.

Not again, Tanjung Wangi Port has been equipped to comply with the ISPS Code which is an International Security standard and targets dry bulk loading and unloading with achieving productivity 100 tons per hour as part of the post-merger service system standardization.

“This is what we are now preparing. Regarding loading and unloading productivity, there are indeed several changes or work patterns that we have implemented. The impact is an increase in loading and unloading. We actually do this because the length of the pier we have is limited, that is 543 meter. Like it or not, to be able to accommodate the number of ship visits, we have to increase productivity,” said Tony.

For that anyway, SPMT Tanjung Wangi's future business development targets the container market for land ports. A number of infrastructures have been prepared, one of which is the construction of entry access for container vehicles, electricity, and extensive land 1,8 hectares with 2.400 meter is already in paving condition.

Pelabuha Tanjung Wangi BanyuwangiPort of Tanjung Wangi Banyuwangi. (Photo: Special/doc. PT Pelindo Multi Terminal)

Apart from that, SPMT also plans to invest in 1 crane unit as support. This is according to the study as a solution to productivity constraints caused by inadequate equipment on fertilizer transport ships as the main consumers.

“That's our future plan, because of the current conditions, our productivity often does not reach the target because the ships carrying fertilizer are not adequate transport equipment 35.000 per hour. Meanwhile, others such as Pertamina oil, rice, Soybeans are all sufficient,” he said.

On the other hand, Banyuwangi export value from the Certificate of Origin Issuing Agency (IPSKA) in August 2023 of USD 31.560.647 and non-IPSDA in the amount of USD 83.383.608 the entire export gate is sent via Tanjung Perak.

The Banyuwangi Transportation Service hopes that Tanjung Wangi Port can become a distribution gateway for Banyuwangi's export commodities so that economic growth can be more optimal and distribution costs are reduced..

“We hope that there will be better synergy with Tanjung Wangi to be able to serve exports and the readiness of our container terminal is ready to work together to prepare land or sharing investments like Banara's, to grow together,” said Tanto Sujono PLT Head of Transportation for the Banyuwangi Transportation Service.

The large industrial potential that appears before our eyes is the existence of PT INKA in Blambangan City. BUMN observer from the BUMN Institute, Achmad Yunus, assessed that it was deep 2 This year of the merger, Pelindo is still focusing on institutions and system standardization. It has not touched on basic issues such as encouraging the productivity of small ports to contribute optimally by building ecosystems, not just building physical infrastructure.

“PT INKA to send the carriages needs a port and Pelindo must-support that. INKA built a factory there, Pelindo supports its ports, continue the ecosystem for the industry. So what is the industrial focus in Banyuwangi?? If it's the industry manufacturing, Yes, everyone has to move to Banyuwangi,” he said.

“We have Barata Indonesia in Gresik. Because Gresik is too crowded. Gresik and Surabaya are too crowded. Why not channelize manufacturing infrastructure, for example in Banyuwangi? So that the infrastructure to support the development of this manufacturing BUMN was built in Banyuwangi, the port is owned by Pelindo, then INKA also developed a factory there. INKA supporters, INKA suppliers such as Barata KBBI, can also get up there, so that the ecosystem there is formed,” he continued.

According to Jonah, Pelindo should open a space for open communication both between BUMN and with local governments or related stakeholders. Sectoral egos must be lowered and intensive synergies can be started so that a jointly planned economic ecosystem can be prepared in one area.

Pelabuha Tanjung Wangi BanyuwangiPort of Tanjung Wangi Banyuwangi. (Photo: Special/doc. PT Pelindo Multi Terminal)

“Throw away sectoral egos, for example, there is fertilizer and Pertamina is there. That's the port existing can be managed by Pelindo. So Pelindo is the operator and maintenance why not channelize it?? This includes being able to operate Pelindo ports optimally as well. With local governments, industrial potential is explored and an ecosystem is created in one area, economic or industrial areas like that, finally synergized,” strictly.

Yunus also said that a National Logistic Ecosystem system had been developed there (I can't). The system needs to be run but not as a permanent system that cannot be dynamic or adapted to needs. Bad things, according to him it does not need to be maintained and the system needs to be tested, challenged to continue improving.

“Must be challenged to be able to make system improvements. This is as if providing a red carpet for the distribution of goods and services abroad one gate system, but don't ignore how regional development impacts local economic growth in the regional economy. This has never been analyzed in depth, Therefore, Pelindo's task and the tasks of other BUMNs are that their presence is felt at least by the surrounding community so that the synergy between BUMNs and Regional Governments can be optimized in order to create a shared ecosystem.,” he concluded.

Marks two years of transformation of SPMT Tanjung Wangi as PT Pelabuhan Indonesia Holding, SPMT Tanjung Wangi is improving its service system by preparing an investment to strengthen the pier worth IDR 37 billion which was due to start at the end 2023.

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