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Reasons for Hundreds of Warriors Rejecting the PSHT Silat Monument in Jember Dismantled


Demolition of the monument to the Faithful Heart Terate Brotherhood silat school (PSHT) in the hamlet of Krajan, Pakusari Village/District received strong opposition from its members. Hundreds of members came to the location and asked for the demolition to be cancelled.

A number of reasons were given as to why they refused to dismantle the monument which is located on the edge of the national road connecting Jember-Banyuwangi.

“What we are concerned about is that this monument was built with great effort,” said one PSHT member Muhammad Fadil, Monday (28/8/2023).

Especially, said Fadil, The monument is a symbol of the organization that is held firmly by its members. Besides that, Conditions in Pakusari District and its surroundings currently remain conducive.

“We defend so that our monument cannot be dismantled. This is indeed national land, but we painstakingly build the monument,” he said.

Even more, said Fadil, The monument that is about to be demolished is the first monument built in Pakusari. The monument was built approx 2014 until 2015.

“Some branch members did not accept the demolition,” he said.

Meanwhile, Deputy Chair III of PSHT Jember Branch, Heri Sudiono, said that his party intended to dismantle the monument themselves. However, because the situation is not conditional and it has an impact on road users, In the end, the demolition did not take place.

“If there is demolition, the impact is likely greater than this,” he concluded.

Pakusari sub-district head Samsul Hidayat said the demolition plan was based on a joint agreement from a meeting with PSHT management and Pakusari Muspika.

In the meeting, said the official who is familiarly known as Dayat, there are two agreed options. The first is to dismantle the monument. Second, replacing the monument with the Pancasila monument.

“If the in (districts) Sukowono's agreement was to replace the Pancasila monument. Meanwhile, in Pakusari, the agreement was to dismantle it,” Bright Dayat.

Even, he said, Technically the person carrying out the demolition was PSHT's own internal team. Meanwhile, Muspika and Satpol PP only provided security.

“So if we only secure, for technical dismantling plans from internal PSHT,” said Dayat.

However, when the monument was about to be demolished, a number of PSHT members arrived and rejected the demolition plan. Even the masses are increasing, making road access congested. Even though this road is a national road connecting Jember – Bantuwangi.

“To anticipate, finally the demolition was cancelled,” added Dayat.

Due to this cancellation, Muspika returned the decision to PSHT on what steps to take next. Because the plan to demolish the monument is an initiative of PSHT itself.

“What is clear is that the monument was built on state land, on the national road. And it is true that buildings cannot be built on that land,” concluded Dayat.

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