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Allegations of Human Error Strengthen

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CRASH: The Toyota Kijang car has the plate number DK 1395 GA was successfully taken down from the Isyaroh precarious kiosk on Jalan Yos Sudarso Banyuwangi at around 1:00 p.m 21.30 Last Saturday night (31/3).

KALIPURO – Police officers are still investigating the accident that happened to a Toyota Kijang car on Jalan Yos Sudarso, Klatak Village, Kalipuro District, Banyuwangi last Saturday night (31/3). Temporary guess, The car that hit the sidewalk and perched on top of a pile of roof tiles was due to human error (human negligence).

Berto was driving a Toyota Kijang with the license plate number DK 1395 That GA, allegedly sleepy. Although there were no fatalities, but the Toyota Kijang car suffered quite serious damage to the front. Thousands of merchandise and kiosk buildings belong to Isa Al Malik, 33, falling apart.

As previously reported, This accident occurred at around 1:00 p.m 21.00 last night. The Toyota Kijang car driven by Berto drove at high speed from the south. Arrived at the scene, The car passing on the west side of the double way lane suddenly veered to the left.

“The car was coming from the south at high speed,” said Isa Al Malik. Before crashing into a precarious pile of merchandise, explained Malik, The Kijang car hit the sidewalk. The vehicle was so fast, The car went up onto the sidewalk and hit a flower pot.

Next, This car hit a pile of tiles and perched up to a height of about two meters above the pile of tiles in the kiosk. “The sidewalk is approx 30 centimeter, was hit and then floated and perched on top of a pile of roof tiles,” explains the fertile man who likes to play badminton.

According to Malik, This precarious kiosk is usually used by residents to sit and chat. But at the time of the incident, Several of Malik's neighbors and friends had just returned to their homes. “About five minutes before the accident occurred, the people who used to hang out here happened to have just disbanded,He said.

Asked about losses due to his merchandise being hit, Malik admitted that he didn't know for sure. Only, around 5.000 trade essentials are destroyed. These tiles are usually sold between Rp 1.800 up to Rp 4.300 per seed. “The building for the precarious kiosk was also damaged," he said. Malik said, The driver of the car that crashed into his precarious kiosk was driving like a confused person.

When it happened, the driver didn't even know his home address. “The driver said there was a devil in his car. For fear, The car's steering wheel was swerved to the left, causing this accident to occur," he explained. Meanwhile, Head of Traffic Accident Unit Banyuwangi Police, Ipda Mujiono, when confirmed, said, accident that occurred on Jalan Yos Sudarso, Klatak Village, Kalipuro District did not cause any casualties. “The driver is thought to be sleepy,He said. (radar)

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