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Very Easy! This is how to make WA stickers directly from WhatsApp Web

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WhatsApp (WA) continue to develop the application. In the past, the addition of the feature was to limit messages to reduce the spread of hoax news. Now WhatsApp has provided support for its users to create their own stickers directly from WhatsApp Web or

Latest, WhatsApp (WA) officially launched a new feature exclusively for the web version. Where this feature allows users to create WhatsApp stickers directly from WhatsApp Web without the need for a third application.

Known, before the creation of stickers on Whatsapp Web, users must use additional applications if they want to create their own WhatsApp stickers.

Of course, this method is quite inconvenient for some people. Especially for people who have limited cell phone memory capacity.

Nah, with the new features on this WA Web, users can create WA stickers directly from photos or personal images stored on a PC or laptop.

Come on, just see how to make WA stickers on WhatsApp Web

For those of you who are still not familiar with making stickers on WhatsApp Web, here's how you can do it.

As for how to make WA stickers on WhatsApp Web, it's actually not difficult. But before making it, make sure you are logged into WA Web first by going to the https page:// in the browser, then scan the QR code.

Next, if your WA account is already connected to the web version, then follow how to make WA stickers on WhatsApp Web as follows::

  1. Open the chat room you want to send WhatsApp stickers to
  2. Click the Attach button symbolized by the paperclip icon, then select the sticker icon
  3. Next you select the image from the computer gallery that you want to edit to become a sticker
  4. The selected image can be cropped, added text, or it can be added with emoji. And if you have edited to your heart's desire, click the SEND button or the arrow to the right
  5. Users can save or add stickers that have been made to favorites for collection, and shared with other users

So far, only the web and desktop versions of WA allow users to create WA stickers directly without the need for a third -party application.

For the time being, It is also not known whether WhatsApp will release or not regarding the same feature for the mobile application version on the Android and iOS platforms.