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The Iconic Statue in Banyuwangi's Jambewangi Village Turns Out to Be a Prank: Now it has even become a symbol of the village

the existence-of-iconic-statues-in-the-village-of-jambewangi-banyuwangi-turned-out-to-start-from-a-joke:-now it has become a village symbol
The Iconic Statue in Banyuwangi's Jambewangi Village Turns Out to Be a Prank: Now it has even become a symbol of the village
Register your email to Subscribe to news delivered directly to your mailbox – Each region has its own identity and uniqueness. One of them is Jambewangi Village, Sempu District has dozens of statues as markers for residents.

Jambewangi Village, Sempu District is one of the largest villages in the Banyuwangi Regency area. This village has a large area of ​​rice fields and plantations 1.422 hectares divided into six hamlets, namely Krajan Hamlet, Panjen Village, Parastembok Hamlet, Sumberjo Hamlet, Tlogosari Village, and Sidomulyo Hamlet.

Of the six hamlets, Tlogosari Hamlet is unique. In this area, many unique and iconic statues of various types are found. "The statues were originally a prank by the people, just a joke,” explained Head of Dusun (Disappeared) Tlogosari, Jambewangi Village, Joko Wibowo, 55.

One of the catfish statues that some residents consider strange. Even though it's two catfish, but below it is written a horse statue. "When the residents made the statue, it was already in the shape of a catfish statue, someone asked what statue it was, by the maker answered the statue of a horse," he said.

Many statues are found in this village, actually has no special meaning. The statue was created only to facilitate orientation in the village environment. “If history doesn't exist. It's just the residents of the neighborhood making a statue to mark the neighborhood, and makes it easier to create an environment,said Joko.

In its history, The statues were made so that messages from outside the region could easily reach. With that statue, This will make it easier for officers to find the destination address. “In the past, not many people had cellphones, send news via mail. So, for relatives from outside the area, the letter can easily arrive because there is a sign,he explained.

as time goes by, these statues became famous and became icons of the village. The statue is not only a sign of orientation, but also attract the attention of people outside the country. “Now the statue is famous,” he added.

In Tlogosari Hamlet, there is 11 statue that is a marker. The statues include the statue of General Sudirman, love, elephant, lele, bones, Students, soldier, The buffalo, flag, ubi (new), and storks. “Everything is there 11 statue,” explained Joko.


ICONIC: One of the statues in the corner of Jambewangi Village (For her)

This sculpture is only a way to get to know the environment. These statues help people recognize their surroundings more easily. “Actually, there are not many artists here. The only real art here is jaranan,He said.

Apart from being a sign of orientation, patung-patung ini juga menjadi bagian dari identitas seni warga. Patung-patung itu mencerminkan kreativitas dan budaya masyarakat setempat. “Patung itu hanya tanda mempermudah mengenal lingkungan,” he added.

Patung-patung yang ada di Desa Jambewangi menjadi simbol unik yang menarik perhatian. Keberadaannya mencerminkan semangat gotong royong dan kebersamaan warga dalam menciptakan sesuatu yang bermanfaat bagi semua. Warga desanya kini bangga dengan patung-patung itu menjadi landmark yang memperkuat identitas desa. “Tidak diduga, ternyata berkembangnya waktu jadi ikon sendiri,he said.(abi)