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This young man was tried for having sex with a cow, DNA Sample Becomes Evidence


Liam Brown, English youth on trial for having sex with a cow. The DNA sample is proof of his guilt. Foto/Daily Echo

LONDON – A young man in England is brought to court after being caught have sex with a cow. He was found guilty by proffering evidence of a DNA sample taken from the livestock.

At the Poole Magistrates Court hearing Wednesday, Liam Brown (25) pleaded guilty to committing sexual penetration with a live animal.

In June last year, Brown sneaks onto a farm in Burton, Dorset, in southwest England at night. However, the ranchers have installed a new surveillance system and caught him.

Farmers have installed the system because they are increasingly concerned about the welfare of their animals.

While handling this case, famous lawyer; Charles Nightingale, said Brown had been known to ranchers since he was a child because members of his family were former ranch employees.

"The defendant is known to the family [breeders] for several years since he was a child,” he said as reported Mail Online, Thursday (31/8/2023).

“The defendant was found by a family member of the farmer who has concern for the welfare of the calves and set an alarm in the area,” he explained.

“That night they were alerted by the alarm and equipment they had prepared so that the defendant was found. Next, a sample was taken from an animal that confirmed the sexual intercourse.”

Since that incident, Brown has not returned to the ranch and the family that runs the ranch does not want him anywhere near the ranch.

In the court, Brown wept as he pleaded guilty to sexual penetration with a live animal and causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal.

Brown faces possible jail time after his case goes to Bournemouth Crown Court. He was granted unconditional bail and will be sentenced on 22 September 2023.