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Pick the Sea, Ngalap Ritual Blessings of Banyuwangi Coastal Residents 1 Cork


Residents of Pesanggaran Village, Kecamatan Pesanggaran, Banyuwangi has a tradition of picking the sea. An attempt to get a blessing on 1 Cork.

On a boat laden with offerings, a man dressed all in black with noodles (Javanese traditional head covering) typical of Blambangan cross-legged, We were seen solemnly chanting prayers on the shore of Lampon Beach on Wednesday (19/7/2023). On that date 1 Suro this year coincides.

Various offerings are arranged neatly in a number of boats with festive decorations. Accompanied by typical Banyuwangi percussion, offerings in the form of a cow's head and various agricultural products are floated into the sea around the beach.

The procession is part of the Pick the Sea or the Ngalap Blessing Ritual of the residents of Pesanggaran Village. This tradition is carried out by mutual cooperation, Funding was also obtained from community participation, most of whom are fishermen.

“The ritual is held once a year on each date 1 Surro or 1 Muharram. Besides offering offerings, the ritual procession is also carried out with a ceremonial procession. This activity is a helping hand for the Lampon Beach fishing community, which is,” said Suharsono, a community leader at Pesanggaran Wednesday (19/7/2023).

Suharsono added that Picking the Sea is a tradition passed down from generation to generation 1927 which is sustainable until now.

“It has been passed down from generation to generation 1927. This is part of an expression of gratitude for the abundance of fishermen's seafood for one year. This is also part of the prayer and hope for safety and abundant sustenance this year,” Suharsono said.

Meanwhile, in his speech, Banyuwangi Regent Ipuk Fiestiandani really appreciates the self-help residents of Lampon Beach.

“We are very proud of the fishermen of Lampon Beach who are friendly and harmonious in holding activities that have been passed down for generations since tens of years ago.. This tradition will continue to be passed down from generation to generation among the pillars of its citizens,” said Ipuk Regent.

The series of picking the sea rituals is complemented by various artistic events such as shadow puppet performances, janger art, lumping horse and coastal dangdut performances.

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