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Banyuwangi Artist Disappointed Saying Danang D'academy

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BANYUWANGI – The Banyuwangi songwriter artists criticized the words of Pradana Dieva alias Danang who were considered to be demeaning Banyuwangi songs during a concert in Muncar some time ago.. It was revealed at the meeting of the artists, both singer and songwriter, at the house of one of the songwriters and musicians, Uncle, at the Kalirejo Fern yesterday (20/4).

The simple meeting was attended by senior artists, seperti Yon’s DD, Come on Laros, Chess Arum, and Condro Banyu. In the meeting, those who represent Banyuwangi music artists admitted that they were very disappointed with the words that were made by Danang during his performance at Muncar.

"We are very dissapointed. Because, The sentence uttered by Danang seemed to belittle Banyuwangi's songs,said Chess Arum. This was first known by the songwriters through a video uploaded on Youtube entitled "The Danang Concert in Muncar".

In the video Danang utters the sentence, “Ketang Banyuwangi song is C A minor D minor. All equal. Kelendi tawes yoh,Yon's DD judged that the sentence seemed to insult the Banyuwangi song. As if Banyuwangi songs are all the same.

“His words are so trivial, but very offensive. I thought all Banyuwangi songs were the same. even though, Banyuwangi songs are very diverse. As songwriters we are offended,He said. Condro Bayu also conveyed a similar disappointment.

"Now Banyuwangi music is booming", even spoiled with things like this,”Added Condro Bayu. Meanwhile, Mamang thought that in the video Danang was just trying to cover up his mistakes when he sang the wrong song. At that time musicians played the song "Asmoro" which was popularized by Demy, but Danang actually sang the song "Sewates Angen".

"Because of being reprimanded by musicians and audiences", maybe Danang is shy and just yells to cover up his mistakes. But you should sort out the words of the joke first. If this is the case, it's insulting his name,He said. The artists also explained the typical notation alias Banyuwangi music standards, namely slendro.

Slendro notation is limited. However, From that limited notation, thousands of songs were born that were famous outside of Banyuwangi. Even, supposedly by a prestigious United States nonprofit organization, Smithsonian Institution, one of the Banyuwangi song albums has been named the most unique song in the world and is kept in a museum with great respect.

“Our notation is actually not limited. Every musical instrument must have its own notation grip. Even though the notation is just that, the proof is that we can improvise and produce many songs,Says Ayonk Laros, representative of the Indonesian Songwriters Association (APLI) in Banyuwangi.

It was agreed that the results of the meeting would be reported in writing to the Blambangan Arts Council (DKB) soon. Meanwhile, they are still considering several options for sanctions that will be applied to Danang's words, including apologizing for a month to the people of Banyuwangi, both through mass media and official forums.

The second alternative is that Danang cannot sing and record, both on air and off air, during the allotted time. This needs to be done so that there are no more Banyuwangi singers and from anywhere who try to bring down Banyuwangi's art.

No matter what Danang says, according to them, can't be justified. Because, in the video, the artists who wrote the song judged that Danang's expression when he said the sentence was clearly very disdainful, as if Banyuwangi has a song that is the same and not creative.

Confirmed regarding that, Danang's number has been contacted many times, it's not active. Contacted via BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) also just tick. As a condition of journalistic balance, Jawa Pos Radar Banyuwangi tried to contact and confirm through Mrs. Danang, Eva.


When confirmed, Eva said that Danang already knew the news. However, He doesn't want to comment further on that. "I asked Mas Danang", Turns out he heard. Let it be Mas Danang's business, I dare not comment, I'm afraid it's right but it's wrong,Eva said via BBM. (radar)

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