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Seven Residential Rooms of Banyuwangi Prison Searched, This Officer's Finding


Residential rooms of Correctional Inmates or WBP in Correctional Institutions (Pages) Banyuwangi Regional Office of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, East Java, was searched again.

Correctional Institution (Pages) Banyuwangi during a search of the residential rooms of the Correctional inmates (WBP), Friday (22/4/2022) cooperated with the TNI from the ranks of the Kodim 0825 Banyuwangi.

The search was carried out on four residential blocks, i.e. block A, D, E, F and G with a total of of the residential rooms searched 7 like.

Head of Correctional Institution (Kalapas) Banyuwangi Wahyu Indarto says, The activity was carried out to clean the residential rooms of the Correctional Inmates (WBP) from items that trigger security disturbances.