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Viral, This Horned Man Died of Age 140 The year after the horns were tried to be cut off


Ali Anter, man growing horns on his head, died at age 140 year in Yemen. Photo/CEN

SANAA – A Yemeni man who appeared two horns on his head has died at age 140 year. He died after an attempt to cut off his horns with a heating device failed.

The man named Ali Anter, Asal Al Jawf, it has gone viral because of its rare condition. Because two horns appeared on his head, nicknamed Ali “The Two-Horned”.

According to newspaper reports Aden al-Ghad based in Yemen, two horns grew on either side of his forehead as he aged 100 year.

When one of the horns grows until it is curved like a goat's horn. It was so long at the time of his death that it was level with his mouth.

Ali reportedly died three days after the making of a video showing an apparently untrained individual trying to cut off his massive horn growth with a heating device.

The video has been on-posting by relatives.

A family member, as quoted The Mirror, Thursday (16/3/2023), claimed that Ali died due to the deterioration of his physical and mental health due to old age.

But, there are also relatives who say that a rough amputation of his horns is thought to have hastened his death.

Local media reported that Ali remained healthy and had a good memory for about a year 2017, when his condition started to get worse.

He reportedly has more than 70 grandchild.

The protruding horns on Ali's forehead are probably leather horns.

Skin horns are skin tumors made of keratin—the same protein that makes up hair and fingernails.