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3 This Woman Shares One Unemployed Husband, who work the wives


Nick Davis and his three wives April, Danielle dan Jennifer. They are a polygamous family in the United States. Foto/Instagram/@the.davis.family_official

COLORADO – Colorado man, United States of America (AS), it calls itself “trophy husband” because has three wives who are all in harmony. He is even unemployed and his three wives are working.

He is Nick Davis. These three women who share one husband are April, Danielle dan Jennifer.

Nick compares his role in a polyamorous family to his role on a chessboard. The father of two said he was out of work. “Because the king doesn't move much,” he said, adding that the queen has all the power.

Meanwhile, his three wives all work full time.

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Nick met his first wife, April, at a university 15 years ago before they welcomed Jennifer into their marriage nine years later.

Even if it sounds unusual, aged April 38 year says he's happy to have more women in relationships to meet “need” Nick.

“Nick has a lot to deal with. Let's say…in many ways. Nick handles a lot in bed,” he said to the program “TLC’s Seeking Sister Wife”, which was launched New York Post, Saturday (18/2/2023).

“Nick deals a lot in general with his personality. It's great to have a helping hand.”

Davis family