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Lyrics of the song 'Gratitude', Complete with Meaning and Creator

Sonora.ID – The following is song lyricsThanks‘ which is equipped with meaning and a creator to be sung when Independence Day arrives.

'Thank you’ is one of Indonesia's national songs created by Husein Mutahar in 1944.

This song was created by the composer as proof of gratitude while preparing for the Republic of Indonesia's independence.

Through his work, Husein Mutahar emphasized that Indonesia's independence was a gift from God must appreciated by the entire community of the country.

You can listen to the lyrics of the song 'Thanks’ The following is to be sung to celebrate Independence Day which falls on this date 17 August.

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National anthem
Creation: H. Mutahar

Of course I'm firm
My sincere heart is full
Of Your grace

Heritage homeland
Indonesian independence
I give thanks
In your presence, Lord

Of course I'm firm
My sincere love is full
Will business services

My eternal hero
Indonesian independence
Thank goodness I showed you
Down, sir

Of course I'm firm
My sincere devotion is full
Will be your principle of harmony
Drive the real race
Indonesian independence
Thank God I showed it
To you sir
I give thanks
In your presence, Lord

That's the lyrics of the song 'Thank you’ which is equipped with its meaning and creator for you to listen to and sing solemnly when Independence Day arrives.

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