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Looking at the Cloth Cleaning Ritual, Banyuwangi's Using Tribe Called It Again to Welcome the Month of Ramadhan

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Banyuwangi, – Judging Cloth Cleaning Ritual, which is a unique tradition Using tribe Banyuwangi. Where this tradition is often held to welcome the coming of the moon Ramadhan.

Now they are holding the Resik Lawon ritual again in Jakarta Ki Buyut Cungking's tomb, Mojopanggung Village, Sunday (5/3/2023) morning. The ritual is carried out by washing the cover of the Banyuwangi elder's tomb in the form of a white mosquito net.

To be known, Resik Lawon comes from the Javanese language, resik which means cleaning and lawon means white shroud. This tradition begins with a prayer at Buyut Cungking's grave.

After bursting, residents removed all the cloth on the grave. Then, put in a special box of woven bamboo.

Then the residents took him to the source of Krembangan. The distance, around 2 kilometers from the grave site. However, Residents are prohibited from driving a vehicle, because all of them have to walk while shouldering the opponent.

Arrived at the water source, Residents also began to wash Lawon cloth. And even more unique, during washing, people fight over water from the cloth.

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Where it is believed, the ari brings blessings of health and safety. Then, after washing, the cloth was taken to the title hall, a thatched roof pavilion.