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Dry season, Eight Districts in Banyuwangi are Prone to Forest Fires

Banyuwangi, – Season drought establish a Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) Banyuwangi regency on alert. At least, eight districts This area is categorized as a fire hazard forest and land (Forest and land fires). This potential is based on geographical conditions that tend to be hit by drought.

These eight districts prone to karhutla disaster are Bangorejo District respectively, Banyuwangi, Kalipuro, Smooth, Purwoharjo, perfect, Tegaldlimo and Wongsorejo. All of them have extensive production and protection forest areas. of these eight districts, at least there is 14 villages that are prone to forest and land fires.

“Entering the dry season, We have mapped areas that are prone to karhutla disasters. There are eight districts with 14 affected village,” said Secretary of BPBD Banyuwangi Mujito, Wednesday (19/7).

The mapping of karhutla-prone areas has been carried out for a long time. Goal, anticipate potential disasters in the area, and how to deal with it if a disaster occurs. His party gave an example of a forest fire that recently occurred in the border area of ​​Banyuwangi, Situbondo and Bondowoso. As soon as I got the report, a rapid reaction team was immediately deployed. So that, treatment can be done quickly.

According to him, dry season is not the cause of forest fires. However, Drought is a contributing factor to the potential for fires to occur.

“Hotter and drier weather due to climate change facilitates the occurrence of forest and land fires,” clear.

Apart from natural factors, Karhutla is usually caused by human actions. Such as throwing cigarette butts or burning garbage carelessly. He asked residents to avoid habits that trigger fires. So as to minimize the occurrence of karhutla.

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“Now many of the weeds are drying up. Should, do not burn trash and throw cigarette butts carelessly. Especially in locations prone to fire,” the lid. (hoa/far)