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Rabies alert, Banyuwangi Prepare 2500 Vaccine Dosage

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Banyuwangi, – Rabies haunts the Banyuwangi area. Although no cases have been found, This district on the eastern tip of Java is starting to be alert. At least, 2.500 dose vaccine prepared. The vaccine targets pet populations that are prone to contracting rabies.

Banyuwangi's concerns are not without reason. Apart from being close to Bali, In this district there is also a population dog and cat. So that, prone to rabies cases.

“Banyuwangi is a supporting ring. So, we are alert. We'll prepare 2.500 vaccine dose,said Plh. Head of Agriculture and Food Department, Banyuwangi Regency, Drh. Nanang Sugiarto.

According to Nanang, There have been no cases of rabies bites found in the area. New bite cases were discovered in Bali and NTT. Anticipating similar cases, His party is aggressively vaccinating pets against rabies.

“Ideally, Rabies vaccination is carried out once a year. Residents can come to the animal health center or animal hospital in the city,he explained.

From existing data, Residents still rarely vaccinate animals. Because of that, The party is intensively providing education. Including holding mobile vaccinations. Mass vaccination is carried out at population points prone to rabies.

"We have carried out mass vaccination in Blimbingsari District,” he explained again.
They hope, awareness of rabies vaccination can continue to increase. This anticipates cases of rabies if a dog or other pet bite occurs.

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“Socialization continues, as well as pick-up and drop-off vaccinations,he concluded. (hoa/far)


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