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Extreme Weather Hits Banyuwangi Satpolairud Polresta Carrying Out Active BINLU Fishermen Boom Beach

Banyuwangi Polresta Polairud Unit when holding Guidance and Counseling Activities for Fishermen at the Banyuwangi Boom Beach Port, As well as providing safety equipment, Wednesday (15/02). Jaenudin/Banyuwangi

WATER HITS.ID – Implementation of routine Guidance and Counseling activities (BINLUH) continued to be carried out by the Banyuwangi Polresta Polairud Unit to fishermen at the Boom Banyuwangi Beach Harbor, Wednesday (15/02/23). In BINLUH activities Head of City Polairud Unit, AIPDA Haerul Umam gave directions on the importance of safety equipment.

“BINLUH activities are carried out every day, in order to provide an understanding to all fishermen about the importance of safety equipment when sailing,"said Head of Polairud City AIPDA Haerul Umam.

This routine activity starts at 08.30 WIB until finished, with the target of the Captain and the Ship's Crew. It aims to make people aware of the importance of safety in the midst of extreme weather like this month.

"Allhamdulillah, the results of coaching activities regarding safety equipment while at sea, understood and understood by the fishermen,” he added.

Head of the Banyuwangi Police Polairud, Kompol Masyhur Ade advised all Polairud members to be humanists in providing direction and guidance to the fishermen of Boom Banyuwangi Beach. (FROM/DEC)

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