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Up in arms, This Beautiful Chinese Communist News Announcer Isn't Human


Ren Xiaorong, robot virtual artificial intelligence (AI) who was employed as a news anchor for the Chinese Communist Party's media. Foto/Peoples Daily

BEIJING – Media run by the Communist Party China hired Ren Xiaorong as a beautiful newscaster. But don't be surprised because “journalist” it's not human, but virtual robots artificial intelligence (AI).

Ren Xiaorong was announced to have joined the Chinese Communist Party newspaper, People’s Daily, as the newest employee.

This news broadcaster AI virtual robot is claimed to have professional skills from “a thousand presenter“.

Citing reports The Sun, Saturday (18/3/2023), Ren Xiaorong is now here to deliver news and answer questions 24 hours a day.

Nevertheless, there is a problem. This human-like avatar, however smart, it can only respond from pre-written scripts and also peddle the official line of the Chinese Communist Party.

He was officially hired this week as the app's host People’s Daily, where he can answer questions related to government conferences “Two Sessions“.

This well-dressed beauty started her first broadcast by saying: “Halo, my name is Ren Xiaorong. I am a digital AI broadcaster who recently joined People’s Daily.”

“Thousands of news anchors have passed on their professional skills to me. During 365 day, 24 jam, I will report news throughout the year, all the time, without rest."

he continued: “Either on the news site or in the studio, You will always see me.”