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Rare, Mother 7 This child is born 5 Twins


Dominika Clarke day Vince Clarke, parents of five twins born in a Polish hospital. Photo/PAP/Lukasz Gagulski

WARSAW – A Polish-British mother, who already has seven children, has given birth to five twins on Sunday.

This mother named Dominika Clarke said that she felt “better than expected” after a rare pregnancy.

Clarke, who was already the mother of seven children starting ages 10 months to 12 year, gave birth to quintuplets in a hospital in the city of Krakow, southern Poland, Sunday.

“We were planning to have an eighth child but it turned out there were many more,” she told reporters at the hospital with her husband, Vince is from England.

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The babies were delivered by caesarean section at gestational age 29 weeks and still needs respiratory support.

“We hope to arrive at the happy moment of getting them out of the hospital,” executioner Richard Lauterbach, head of the neonatology department of the local hospital.

The five twins, three girls and two boys, named Arianna Daisy, Charles Patrick, Elizabeth May, Evangeline Rose and Henry James.

Clarke refers to her pregnancy as “miracle”, because the hospital says the odds of conceiving quintuplets are one to one 52 million.

“As a mathematician, i love this kind of statistic,” Clarke said, as quoted AFP, Wednesday (15/2/2023).

“We have a greater chance of winning the lottery than we have this crowd.”