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Lyrics Sholawat Al Hijrotu, Writing, Arabic Latin and Translation

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Sonora.ID – sholawat is a hum that is very attached to the life of a Muslim.

Prayer is one of the things that can calm the heart of a Muslim.

Not only that, reading sholawat often can bring us closer to the Almighty.

Sholawat Al Hijrotu is going viral on social media.

You are curious about the lyrics, in the following we will review.

These are the lyrics of Sholawat Al Hijrotu.

Al Hijrotu

Migration is our journey
Alhijrotu rihlatu Hâdînâ

Bring Islam as our religion
Hamalal islâma lanâ dinâ

Peace be upon Allah, Ali Al-Hadi
Fasalâmullâhi 'alâl Hâdi

Walgon says amen
Wal kaunu yuroddidu ãmînâ

The friend left the house
Rohalash-shiddîqu ‘anid-dâri

In the company of the best of the righteous
Fî shuhbati khoiril abrôri

May God's blessings be upon him
Sholawâtullâhi tubârikuhu

Fill the world with lights
Mala-ad-dunya bil anwar

God will protect him
Allâhu is the guide

And Ali became his ransom
Wa 'Aliyyun ashbaha yafdîhi

And the secret of the wicked people
Wa bisirrilqoumil asyrôri

The friend's daughter passed away
Bintus-shiddiqi tuwafihi

The chosen one arrived at Thebes
Wa sholal mukhtâru ilâ thoibat

And disbelief retreated into disappointment
Wal kufru tarôja' fi khoibat

And the soldiers of God surround them
Wa junûdullâhi tahîthubihim

From the light of Islam prestige
Min nüril islâmil-haibat

In spirit we will protect the chosen one
Birrûhi sanahmil mukhtâro

And we will fight the infidels for him
Wa nuqôtil 'anhul kuffâro

A promise to God we sell
'Ahdan lillâhi nubâyi'u

Soldiers of God and helpers
Jundan lillâhi wa anshôrô


Hijrah is a journey that is a guide for us
(Nabi Muhammar SAW) who brought Islam to us as a religion

May the safety of Allah SWT be showered upon the Prophet Shallallahu alaihi wa sallam, the bearer of guidance
And the universe is always in peace

Abu Bakr As Shiddiq left the house
To accompany the best of humans (Muhammad Shallallahu alaihi wa sallam)

May sholawat and blessings be poured upon him
That fills the world with light

Allah SWT always takes care of him
And Sayyidina Ali became his successor

Unbeknownst to the unbelievers
Fatima bint Abu Bakr complied

The chosen Prophet had arrived in Madina
And the heathen retreated in the dark

God's army defeated them
With the great light of Islam

With all our souls we will take care of the Prophet
And with it, we fight the infidels

As a promise to God we pledge allegiance to him
As God's army and his religious helper


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