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Death at Wirjo's Celurit Shoots

Hundreds of officers were deployed to secure the situation, including finding Wirjo in hiding. Command posts to hunt down Wirjo were set up in various places by joint personnel from the Banyuwangi Police, Kodim 0825/Banyuwangi, as well as Kostrad and Indonesian Navy infantry battalions.

Newspaper quoted Compass edition 16 April 1987 and magazines Tempo edition 25 April 1987, the tragedy of the massacre began when Wirjo was sharpening sickles and machetes used to cut the grass behind his house on Wednesday, 15 April 1987, morning. When sharpening the two tools, Wirjo was only wearing shorts and was bare-chested.

When sharpening sickles and machetes, Wirjo's eyes kept watching his adopted son, Sri Reny, 4 year, who is playing happily with his friends, Arbaiyah, in front of the house. I don't know what the problem is, suddenly Wirjo ran after Reny brandishing his gun. He immediately slashed the sickle at Reny, but the victim can dodge and run away.

Seeing the target escape, Wirjo even targeted Arbaiyah, who is close to him. The poor boy immediately fell down with a grievous wound. Reny screamed and immediately ran towards her mother, Indira, 32 year, who are in the fields. The frightened mother and child immediately ran towards the village street to ask for help.

Wirjo's face was flat, no expression whatsoever. He let his wife and adopted son just run away. A moment later, Wirjo even went to Maskur's house, 80 year, which is next to his house. He entered through the kitchen door at the back of the house. He finds Maskur's wife, Murcia, 43 year, was cooking rice.

No greeting, Wirjo immediately rushed in and slashed the woman mercilessly. One scream ended Mursiyah's life. His neck was badly injured by the sickle slash. Heard a commotion in the kitchen, Maskur came to him. But, because his body is old, Maskur could not defend himself when Wirjo attacked him. Maskur's body immediately collapsed lifeless at the scene.

Like people who are not afraid to sin, Wirjo continued to carry sickles and machetes in his hands while walking. Anyone he encounters instantly becomes the target of his rage, including Jimin. But Gimin was able to avoid the attack and ran to ask the other neighbors for help. They then chase Wirjo, which goes to the rice fields not far from the Galung River.

Once arrived in the rice fields, not Wirjo found. Residents found Mak Isah's body, 40 year, was covered in blood. The victim was killed by Wirjo when he was mowing the grass. Residents watched from a distance, Wirjo, continued walking in the rice fields while brandishing machetes and sickles stained with blood.

There, Wirjo met Istianah, 15 year, Kosgoro Middle School students. Wirjo immediately chased after the girl. Istianah then screamed and ran back to avoid Wirjo's fury. Wirjo caught up and immediately slashed the teenage girl's neck. Instantly Istianah's body collapsed covered in blood.

Residents and local RT administrators immediately chased after Wirjo who had run off somewhere. Instead of finding Wirjo, residents actually found Mbok Suwendah's body, 73 year, and Grandma Park, 75 year, was lying lifeless. Both victims had gaping wounds in their necks and were nearly severed. Finally, the residents were busy taking care of the bodies of the victims that were lying on the ground.

Meanwhile, Wirjo continued to look for another target blindly. He met Djami, members of the People's Security (Room), in front of his house. "We, ono paran (what is it)?” asked Djami to Wirjo. Instead of getting an answer, Djami did not escape being attacked by Wirjo. Djami, who is known to be good at martial arts, fending off Wirjo's attack. But, honey, Two of Djami's fingers were cut off when he was fending off Wirjo's sickle.