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Police arrest perpetrator of dragon fruit theft in Tegaldlimo

Police arrest perpetrator of dragon fruit theft in Tegaldlimo
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Evidence Used to Steal Dragon Fruit Friday in Sumberkepuh Tegaldlimo Hamlet (21/6). (Photo : Jaenudin – Tegaldlimo Police Criminal Investigation Unit succeeded in arresting SYN alias Mbah Y Bin S (55), a farmer from Sumberkepuh Hamlet, Kedungwungu village, Tegaldlimo . District, who is strongly suspected of being the perpetrator of the crime of serious theft of dragon fruit, This was conveyed in the disclosure of the case on Saturday, (22/6). This arrest was based on a report from victim S (49), an entrepreneur from Damtelu Hamlet, Kedunggebang Village, Tegaldlimo . District.

This theft incident occurred on Friday (21/6) around 03.15 WIB in the victim's rice fields located in Persen Hamlet, Kedungasri Village, Tegaldlimo . District. At that time, Saxony F.I (40) who returned from looking after dragon fruit on his land, saw a suspicious motorbike leaving the scene. Because suspicious, F.I followed the motorbike to the main road. When approached, The perpetrator stepped on the gas and finally fell off his motorbike. The perpetrator then ran away, leaving behind a motorbike and a basket containing stolen dragon fruit.

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