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10 Prospective Village Head Candidates in Banyuwangi Declared Failed, This is the cause

Banyuwangi, – As much 10 head candidate village (baccades) in Banyuwangi stated fall off. They certainly can not participate in the election village head (pilkades) simultaneously, next October. All of them were declared ineligible after administrative verification by each Pilkades committee.

After being declared ineligible, 10 The Bacakades is not entitled to participate in the Pilkades stage. The failure of the Bacakades had an impact on the stages of the Pilkades. Because, There are villages where there is only one candidate.

"From 218 registered candidates, 10 declared ineligible alias disqualified. There is less condition. There is also a retreat,said the Acting Head of the Village Community Empowerment Service (DPMD) Banyuwangi Regency, Ahmad Faisol, Monday (21/8).

Data 10 Bacakades that did not pass were the result of verification by the Pilkades committee in 51 village. Previously, they have registered in each election committee. After verification, obtained 10 people do not meet the requirements (TMS).

“This administrative verification is quite strict. Verification results, there is 208 students who meet the requirements,he explained.

Other verification results, there are a number of villages with more than 100,000 candidates 5 person. By the rules, must be filtered until it is only conical 5 candidate. A number of villages whose candidates are more than 5 people from each Pesanggaran Village, Sumberagung Village, Bajulmati Village, Gumuk Village, Segobang Village, Kelir Village and Pesucen Village.

Villages with more than one candidate 5 people will do advanced screening. This screening is carried out by writing tests to file verification. In addition to villages with candidates exceeding the threshold, Two villages were found where there was only one candidate. This condition arose after some of the Bacakades were declared invalid. The two villages are respectively Aliyan Village, Rogojampi District and Sepanjang Village, Glenmore Kecamatan District.

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Villages with only one reading head of village are given an extension of the registration period. The addition of this screening period is up to 8 next September.