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Twenty-Six Artists Reported to Bareskrim Polri, After Allegedly Promoting Online Gambling

Chairman of the Association of Indonesian Muslim Lawyers Muhammad Zainul Arifin. Photo: Capture Screen/ – An artist with the initials WG will be investigated by the Bareskrim Polri after allegedly participating in promoting online gambling. The examination is scheduled for this week.

Apart from WG, 25 Muhammad Zainul Arifin, general chairman of the Association of Indonesian Muslim Lawyers, was also complained about by other artists..

"Today we have just visited the Criminal Investigation Unit of the National Police Headquarters, especially in cyber, related to a report or complaint regarding video content containing gambling allegedly committed by 26 a public figure artist who tries to create content related to the promotion of online gambling videos,"said Zainul Arifin when met at Bareskrim Mabes Polri, Monday (04/09/23).

A number of public figures are reported to have diverse backgrounds, starting from the film artist, comedian, to swords.

“His first initials are WG, FP, DP, YL, then DD, then OLs, DC, AL, GD, DC, BW, AM, AM, NM, CV, then YY, CC, CH, IM, S, IS, HH, AL, JI, AT, finally there is ZG,explained Zainul Arifin.

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