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District Government Collaboration with the Center and Villages, 1.300 Tida House…

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Banyuwangi – Banyuwangi Regency Government continues its program of renovation of uninhabitable houses through a multi-party mutual cooperation scheme. More than 1.300 Banyuwangi residents' uninhabitable houses were renovated this year with support from the central government, District government, village government to various other parties.

“Thank you to all parties who continue to work together, who are together, working together to help the people of Banyuwangi. Thank you Ministry of PUPR, DPR RI, and Banyuwangi DPRD, and all parties who contributed,” said Banyuwangi Regent Ipuk Fiestiandani, Wednesday (27/9/2023).

The Regent of Ipuk added that the stimulus assistance for house repairs was one of the efforts to improve the level of health and welfare of the community.

"This program does not just provide habitable houses. However, you must also pay attention to air circulation and clean water. I have asked the sub-district heads and village heads to oversee this so that people are not only comfortable but also healthier living in their new homes,” said Ipuk.

Ipuk mentioned, other than those sourced from local government, The house renovation budget in Banyuwangi also comes from the central government and mutual cooperation with various other parties.

For example, self-help housing stimulant assistance program (BSPS) from the PUPR Ministry. This year, said Ipuk, Banyuwangi received a BSPS allocation for 930 scattered housing units 17 districts.

Besides that, added Ipuk, The house renovation program also involved the village government. Through APBDes, has been budgeted for renovation of uninhabitable houses as much as 394.

“There is also a TMMD program, cooperation between district government and Kodim 0825. Thus, in total, This year's house renovation is targeted 1.352 house unit," said Ipuk.

One of the recipients of this assistance is Wagiyah (56), from Jajag Village, Gambiran District. In the symbolic handover ceremony of house renovation assistance by the Regent of Ipuk at the Gambiran Subdistrict Office (25 September 2023), Wagiyah admitted that she was touched because her house was immediately renovated by the district government.

Wagiyah received house renovation stimulus assistance from the district government by getting a stimulus of IDR 20 million for repairs to her house.

“Thank you, Madam Regent. I am happy that my house will be repaired," he said spontaneously to the Regent of Ipuk at that time. (*)