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Sholawat Huwannur lyrics, Complete with Indonesian Translation

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Sonora.ID – Here is a view on lyrics blessings Huannur and translation What is the Indonesian of.

Huwannur is one of the prayers which is currently viral on social media.

When viewed from the lyrics as well as the title which means 'He is the Light', Huwannur sholawat contains praise as well as an expression of deep love for the Prophet Muhammad SAW.

The term light referred to in the sholawat describes the presence of the Prophet Muhammad SAW who is in charge of guiding people to migrate from the path of darkness to light.

As for the lyrics and translation sholawat Huwannur can be seen below.

Lyrics and Translation of Sholawat Huwannur

He is the light whose light guides the perplexed
Huwan-nuru went to the dliya-uhu
He is the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, the lamp of light that guides those who are worried

And in the gathering, the shadow of the messengers is his banner.
Wa fil the difficulty of the dhillul mursaliina liwaa-uhu
In the field of mahsyar his banner as a patron

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received wisdom from the unseen
Talaqqoo minal ghoibil mujarrodi wisdom
Reach him wisdom without any intermediary

with which it rained down upon the dispersed
Bihaa amthorot fil khoofiqoini samaa-uhu
With that wisdom the sky rains (with grace) in all directions west and east

And the testimony of the people of truth from him is subtle
Come masyhuudu ahlil haqqi minhu lathoo-ifun
The witnesses of the scholars who are in the truth, witnessed from him, peace be upon him, love and tenderness

tell that glory and will is his will
Tukhobiru annal majda wasysya, the obsessing
It is said that what happened was according to your wishes (saw)

By God, what a damned scene!
Fallillah is the lil’aini of us masyhadijtila
To me, the visions that I witnessed were very lofty,

It is difficult for the people of the veil to cover it
Ya'izzu 'ala ahlil hijaabijtilaa-uhu
Subduing the owners of glory whose vision is still closed from the sight of this nobility,

Whoever is displaced from me and inhabited by the tampon
They are nazihan 'anniy wa maskanhul hasyaa
O who is far from me and whose place is in the depths of the heart,

answer his call from all sides
The strange man of the kullan-nawaahiy method is nidaa-uhu
Answer my brother's call (The Prophet saw) which fills all corners,

Respond to him who was taken over by passion in you and flash in
Ajib man tawallaahul hawaa fiika wamdli fiy
Answer me, oh, I am drowning in longing for you (saw), and flow on-

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My heart desires what desires and desires
It's not easy
Sanubariku what does this sanubari miss and that one (myself) crave

Love built homes in the middle of the heart
Banal hubbu fiy wasthil fu-aadi manaazilaan
Love builds a grand palace in the deepest heart

By God, it surpassed its construction
God bless you
For Allah, indeed that place is the highest and most beautiful among the buildings (place) others

By virtue of the state, I stripped my intent and preferred
Bihukmil walaa jarodtu qosdiy wa habbadzaa
With a decision of resignation I let the others pass from all my desires, and how beautifully his majesty soothed this heart from his gentle authority

a loyalist whose loyalty relieves the heart
Muwaalin aroohal qolba is not a friend
the king soothed this heart from his gentle authority

I got sick, so dhikr was a cure for my ailment
Maridltu fakaanadz-dzikru bur-an li'allitiy
(If) I'm sick, then tell about it (saw) is the cure for my disease

How good a remembrance of my heart is his healing
The health of the habbadza dzikroon liqolbiy syifaa-uhu
So beautiful, calling it is medicine to my heart

If the lovers know my illness, tell them
Idzaa 'alimal-'usyaaqu daa-iy faqul lahum
If the longing knows my disease, especially if he refuses to sell them

If the loved ones of my heart found his medicine
Ta Inna liquor of the Companions of the Qolbiy medicine-uhu
In fact, meeting with a sweetheart is the cure

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Whoever travels, send a message to my beloved
They are in the middle of the night
Oh walker (to Medina) deliver a love sheet to my lover (saw)

with a letter of longing sweet spelling
Biharfin minal asywaaqi yahlu hijab-uhu
With the beautiful spelling of longing letters

How easy it is for the virgin to be thrown into the womb
Wa haihaata an yalqol-‘adzuulu look at the story
So it is difficult for those who are hostile to this love to the limit that is impossible, reach the path of truth by praising it (saw) and said to him (saw)

a way whether praising him or satirizing him
Sabiilaan sawaa-un mad-huhu wa hijaa-uhu
reach the path of truth by praising it (saw) and said to him (saw)

my heart is fine, the messengers are fond
Fu-aadiy bikhoiril mursaliin muwalla’un
My soul is burning (because of love) with the best of messengers

And the noblest thing that pleases my ears is his praise
Wa asyrofu maa yahluw lisam'iy tsanaa-uhu
And the most beautiful thing in my ears is hearing his praise

rose to the highest rank in glory and glory
Roqoo fil ‘ulaa wal majdi asyrofa rutbatin
Noble in the robes of nobility, the noblest of the higher levels

With its warm-heartedness, how does it end?
Bimabdaahu haarol-kholqi kaifantihaa-uhu
In the beginning, love and longing for him, may God bless him and grant him peace, will appear warm and burning in the hearts of creatures, then how is the situation that has reached its peak

O sir, my heart is crying out for your love
She said that she was in a bad mood
Oh my lord, my heart melts with love for you

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and my limbs bleed after tears
And the thorfiya of Ba’dad-dam’i is the tajriy of the dimaa-uhu
These eyes will definitely cry blood after the tears dry up and don't flow

If I tried to suppress love, my patience increased.
Idzaa rumta katmal hubbi zaadat shobaabatiy
If you hide your love, my love and my tears will increase..

Fasyan I have broadcast and hidden
Fasiyyaani ‘is the batstsuhu of khofaa-uhu
So it's the same for me, I reveal that love or I hide it

Respond, O beloved of the heart, to an interesting invitation.
Ajib who is in a room with old age
Answer this call of longing, dear heart

blazing fire
Syakaa lafha naarin qod hawat-haa hasyaa-uhu
Moans of fire longing has enveloped the depths of my heart

And your auspicious spectrum passed in the heedlessness of the enemy
Wa mur thoyfakal mayumuna fii ghoflatil 'idaa
So miss your beauty and tenderness when the servants of your people (saw) drowning in forgetfulness

passes through a limb whose crying increased in you
We ordered bithorfin to become a buka-uhu
The path of your beauty and glory that brings tears to my eyes

God has a love that is indescribable
LiyaAllaahu my hubbin taassaro washfuhu
Dear God, It's really hard to express this love

And to God is my command, and the judiciary is his
God bless you
All of this I surrender only to Allah Because provisions are His provisions

O Lord, honor me by seeing my master
Fa yaa robbi syarrifniy blue, yati sayyidiy
Oh Allah, honor me by looking at my lord (sayyidina Muhammad)

and for the echo of the heart which is too loud
Wa ajli shodal qolbil katsiiri shodaa-uhu
And cleanse the heart that is full of this turbidity

and tell me what he wants from the meeting
Wa balligh 'aliyayan maa yarumu minalliqo
And tell me (Al Habib Ali Al Habsyi) at the peak of hope to meet

By Ashraf Abd Jalal, my intention is to meet him.
Bi-asyrofi 'abdin jullu kozdi likoo-uhu
With the noblest of servants, and the meeting with him is all my purpose

May Allah's blessings and peace be upon him.
Wa 'alaihi sholaatullaahi maa habbatish-shobaa
Prayers are poured over it as long as the wind blows

And the sharp edge is not dusty, so its shoes are good
Wa maa atrobal-hadi fathoba of the hida-uhu
As much fun as the melodious qasidah of praise that combines love for you (saw), then the more beautiful the praise that unites the heart in love with him (Saw)

With the family and the companions, what a vocalist said
Ma'al aali wal-ash-haabi maa qoola munsyidun
With family, friends and what was said by the munsyid (Qasidah reader)

It is the light that guides the perplexed by its light
Huwannuru went to the dliya-uhu
He is the beacon of light that guides those who are worried

Thus the explanation regarding the lyrics and Indonesian translation of the Huwannur sholawat as above. Hope it is useful.

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