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Have 88 Grandson, Grandpa 83 Year in Saudi Arabia Remarriage for the 11th Time

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Ali Al Balawi, grandpa 83 years in Saudi Arabia remarried for the 11th time. He already has 38 child and 88 grandchild. Photo/Newspaper 24

RIYADH – An old grandfather 83 year in Saudi Arabia married again for the 11th time. Even though he already has 38 child and 88 grandchild.

The grandfather named Ali Al Balawi had remarried in Tabuk, northwestern Saudi Arabia, recently. The wedding reception was held in the presence of extended family members and friends.

Ali Al Balawi already has 18 son and 20 daughter, as well as and 88 grandson and granddaughter.

With the newlyweds, Ali Al Balawi now has four wives.

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He said he was healthy and had never suffered from any illness. “So nothing can prevent them from remarrying,” he said.

“I have financial ability, mental, and physically to care for four wives,Ujar Al Balawi, as quoted Gulf News, Monday (6/2/2023).

He said he never had marital problems because he treated his wives fairly.

Ali Al Balawi encourages men who wish to remarry to do so only if they are able and in good health.