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This man married his first love at age 79 Year, Previously Forbidden Parents

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Len Allbrighton (79) than Jeanette Steer (78), lovers who married after being separated 60 year. This British couple is prohibited from marrying as a teenager. Foto/SWNS

NEWPORT – A man English marry a woman who is his first love when their age has reached 79 year and 78 year. They are separated 60 years after their parents forbade them to marry.

Len Allbrighton (79) than Jeanette Steer (78) used to be a couple of teenage lovers. They first met and fell in love in 1963 when Len was aged 19 years and Jeanette aged 18 year.

In an unusual love story, those who separated six decades ago reunited and are now married.

Sixty years ago, their parents called off the couple's engagement.

Collect, Thursday (23/3/2023), Len and Jeanette have had a very rocky road to their marriage, but now they were both satisfied as before.

The couple fell in love at first sight while nursing students working at St Mary's Hospital in Newport, di Wight Island.

They decided to get married a few months after they first met, but the girl's parents annulled the marriage at that point.

At the time, Jeanette is three years under the legal age of consent to marry; that is 21 year.

During 50 next year, they married different people and lived their lives separately.