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Living the Polyamorous Lifestyle, This Woman Has 2 Countless Husbands and Boyfriends


Kenya Stevens and her two husbands. This American woman lives a polyamorous lifestyle. Photo/Instagram/Kenya K Stevens

WASHINGTON – A woman in the United States (AS) feel happy and proud of lifestyle polyamorous . She has two husbands and a boyfriend, which he said, countless numbers.

Her name is Kenya Stevens, live in North Carolina. He realized that some people might find him strange as polyamorous, but he was not offended by the assumption.

He has talked with, about two husbands and their girlfriends.

“I have married my number one husband (Carl Stevens) During 26 years and husband number two (Tiger) for nine years,” county Kenya.

Free-spirited Kenya is widely known for its advocacy of polyamory.

When asked about his girlfriend, he honestly said, “It doesn't count. I have many partners, boyfriend, and connection. Polyamory is not for everyone as it can be complicated in a society where monogamy is the norm.”

Kenya became the founder of Progressive Love Academy (PSALMS), a relationship school online, empowerment, and metaphysical, which are claimed to help improve every aspect of life and bring out the participants' greatest potential as human and spiritual beings.

“Many couples are aware of the fact that humans live outside of our natural paradigms, meaning humans are not a monogamous species,” said the woman who is the mother of these three children.

Kenya says marriages and families break up, full of adultery. “We create solutions here at Progressive Love Academy that support couples in moving smoothly from monogamy to polyamory–for family and love,” he explained.