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Make a scene…! A Citizen of Banyuwangi Holds a Big Party Celebrating the Circumcision of Three Cats

Banyuwangi, – Residents of Kluncing Village, Licin District, Banyuwangi, East Java is excited! local resident couple Bokianto and Indrawati staged big party unreasonably.

They throw a big party, congratulations to the musical stage to celebrate the circumcision of his three cats. This strange news is trending on social media.

The neutering of the three cats was held, Friday (26/5/2023) afternoon. These three pets are named Cipak, Cipung and Ciko. Not just a party, Bokianto and his wife also distributed invitations to the public. Similar to circumcision party in general. The climax of the cat castration ceremony will be held on Sunday (28/5/2023) by staging a musical.

Investigate a probe, This cat castration party is a vow. The story, 7 last month, this family found three cats in front of the house. The condition is apprehensive. Skinny and near death.

Out of pity, Indrawati took care of the three cats. In between caring, this woman made a vow. If these three cats are healthy, will later be castrated and held a thanksgiving party.

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The vow was granted. These three cats grow healthy. Finally, Indrawati and her husband paid the vows.