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Two South Banyuwangi Perhutani Security Picket Officers Hacked by a Drunk Man

TIMES BANYUANGI, BANYUWANGI – Due to serious injuries sustained, Nurchoiri and Hadi Prayitno, had to undergo intensive care in the hospital (RS) Al Huda, Gambiran village, Gambiran District, Banyuwangi, East Java.

Territorial Police (pile) and Head of Forestry Engineering Affairs (Kaur TK), Perhutani The South Banyuwangi KPH became the victim of a stabbing while on duty on a forest security picket at the North Senepo RPH shadow post, BKPH Pesanggaran.

The perpetrators of the stabbings are known to be Saudik, residents of Seneposari Hamlet, Barurejo Village, Siliragung District.

The assault incident using a sharp weapon occurred on Saturday night (18/2/2023), around 23.00 WIB. I do not know what the perpetrator's motive, until now is still known for sure.

According to Deputy Administrator (Waka Adm) Perhutani KPH South Banyuwangi, Muhlisin Sabarna, the incident started with routine forest security picket activities at the North Senepo RPH shadow post, BKPH Pesanggaran. At that time, There are four guards. Consists of Hadi Prayitno, Kaur TK, as well as Supervision Coordinator (Korwas). Nurchoiri and Wiyanto, both Polter and Sujiyanto, a Planting Foreman.

around 23.00 WIB, suddenly Saudik came in a drunken state. He also carried a sharp weapon in the form of a machete.

Suddenly the machete was drawn and struck until it hit Nurchoiri, right on the neck. Meanwhile Hadi Prayitno, stabbed in the waist.

age.jpgNurchoiri and Hadi Prayitno, the two Perhutani KPH South Banyuwangi picket officers, undergoing intensive care. (Photo : Syamsul Arifin/TIMES Indonesia)

Seeing Saudik blindly with his machete, the two victims and other officers fled to save themselves. “As soon as I got the report, around 24.00 WIB, KRPH and BKPH officers together with members of the Siliragung Police, straight to the scene,” he said, Sunday (19/2/2023).

As a result of the brutal attack with the machete, Nurchoiri and Hadi Prayitno, seriously injured. Both were covered in blood and had to undergo intensive care.

“Initially, we took the two victims to the Pesanggaran Health Center for first aid. Because the wound was serious enough to be referred to Al Huda Hospital,” explained Muhlisin.

There has been no official statement from Perhutani KPH South Banyuwangi, and the Siliragung Police, related to the attack on forest security picket officers at the North Senepo RPH shadow post, BKPH Pesanggaran.

Allegedly, This crime is related to a firm attitude towards illegal acts and forest destruction in the Perhutani area of ​​the South Banyuwangi KPH. Both against the perpetrators of illegal logging or illegal logging. Nor the perpetrators of gold mining without a permit (PETI).

This case is being handled by the Siliragung Police, Banyuwangi Police. (*)

herald : Syamsul Arifin
Editor : Faizal R Arief