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Padlock Two for Unas Questions

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TIGHTLY GUARDED: Thousands of final exam questions were unloaded from box trucks. Next, These questions are stored in the Dhira Brata hall warehouse, Banyuwangi Police.

BANYUWANGI – National exam questions (nail) for high school, SMK, dan MA, have arrived in Ba-nyuwangi. The items which were kept confidential were taken from the printing warehouse of PT. Temprina Media Graphics, Surabaya. Delivery of final exam questions from Surabaya to Banyuwangi went smoothly.

Thousands of final exam questions arrived in Bumi Blambangan Wednesday night (11/4) o'clock 19.00. The questions were taken by the Unas committee and closely guarded by the Banyuwangi Police. Head of the Education Office (Dispendik) Sulihtiyono explained, as soon as he arrived in Banyuwangi, Thousands of questions are immediately stored in a special warehouse at the Banyuwangi Police Headquarters. The warehouse was immediately padlocked.

“The warehouse uses two padlocks,” stressed Sulihtiyono. The key to two locks, one of which is held by police officers, and the key to the other lock is held by the Education Department. "If you want to open a warehouse, it must be done by the police together with officers from the Education Department,” the familiar official was called Subilih.

The police and the Education Department cannot enter the warehouse separately. If you want to enter, you have to involve the police and the Education Department. To maintain confidentiality, security is done in layers. "The tree is strictly guarded. Don't let there be any leaks,Suli said. After being lodged at the police headquarters, Starting today, the National Examination manuscripts will be distributed to all 24 police stations.

These questions will stay until 16 April. According to the schedule, These questions will be distributed to schools on National Day. Meanwhile, Deputy Chief of Police, Commissioner M. During the period, Currently the National Examination questions are kept in the Dhira Brata hall, Banyuwangi Police. “Unas manuscripts are state secrets, then we will keep it tight,” he said.

The Deputy Chief of Police admitted, The door in the hall was deliberately double-locked. The key to one padlock was carried by the Education Department and the other was held by the police. This is an effort to avoid question leaks. “Police members will not be able to open the hall door, The key person was brought by the Education Department,he explained. Apart from that, the hall door was double padlocked, all the hall windows on the second floor cannot be opened carelessly.

Because, all windows are sealed. “The police will guard the unas manuscripts until they reach the police station. Bah-right, When we send it to school, we also keep it safe,” said the former Deputy Chief of Tanjung Perak Police, Surah-back, that. (radar)

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