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Attend the Banyuwangi Archipelago Islamic Tradition Festival, Joko Share 9 Bicycle


President Jokowi attended the Archipelago Islamic Tradition Festival (FTIN) in Banyuwangi. As much 9 bicycles distributed to art performers and spectators. President Joko Widodo was amazed by the appearance of the attractions displayed.

FTIN is filled with colossal shows. Among them is Colossal Alfiyah's Lalaran which involves more than 500 Students. They performed the tradition of memorizing the nahwu science verses artistically with a touch of various Indonesian cultures.

Besides that, also displayed Hadrah Nusantara creations. This spectacular display was followed by 300 tambourine player and 500 dancers who perform a variety of Islamic-based regional dances in the archipelago.

Because it's entertaining, Jokowi then distributed bicycles on the sidelines of a speech at the event which was held at the Diponegoro Stadium, Banyuwangi, Monday (9/1/2023).

Festival Tradisi Islam NusantaraThe Archipelago Islamic Tradition Festival attended by Jokowi (Photo: Ardian Fanani)

Before starting his speech, Jokowi summoned the singer of the poem Alfiah Ibnu Malik and the youngest drum player. He was amazed by Alfiah's chanting and the drumming that accompanied it.

“There is Ma'am who recites Syair Alfiah Ibnu Malik, please come forward, come forward. And also earlier there was the youngest, the young one with the best drum came forward. Where was the kendang earlier?, small not big,” said Jokowi.

After that, the two of them stepped forward. Jokowi then asked the singer of the poem to repeat a little of his poetry reading. After reciting the verse, the singer then got a bicycle.

“Bike one. If the drum is not there, but that's okay too bike one,” said Jokowi.

“Write down the name first, I don't have a bicycle, but tomorrow morning, God willing, the bike will come,” Jokowi continued.

Jokowi asked the youngest hadrah players to come forward.

“I want the one playing hadrah who is the youngest to please come to the front, those who feel they are the youngest who play haverah uniform top green under black, Those who feel the youngest, if they don't feel the youngest, don't go on stage. Please feel the youngest, please go ahead,” said Jokowi.

Then there is 3 forward child. Jokowi then joked that he wanted to circumcise the youngest hadrah player.

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