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Golden Opportunity to Sacrifice, Abundant Stock Prices of Goats in Banyuwangi Have Actually Dropped: This is the estimated price per head

golden-opportunity-to-sacrifice,-stock-abundant-goat-prices-in-Banyuwangi-have actually plummeted:-this is the estimated-price-per-head
Golden Opportunity to Sacrifice, Abundant Stock Prices of Goats in Banyuwangi Have Actually Dropped: This is the estimated price per head
Register your email to Subscribe to news delivered directly to your mailbox – Approaching Eid al-Adha, There are few buyers selling goats for sacrifice, Thursday (13/6). One of the goat sellers, Slamet Santoso, 47, residents of Lugonto Hamlet, Rogojampi Village/District said, Goat sales for Eid al-Adha usually start to get busy from D-7.

But, until Thursday (13/6), Sales of sacrificial animals are still quiet at the Genteng Animal Market. “If current conditions decline somewhat, not like last year. Usually H-7 is crowded, don't know why it's like this, is the crop damaged?, Basically it's still quiet," he said.

As a result, goat sales have decreased, the price set is also dragged. The average price reduction for each goat reached Rp 250 thousand per head.

“Last year's goat cost Rp 4,5 million, now only sold for Rp 4,25 million. Just like goats which previously had a price of Rp 3,5 million, now it is Rp 3,25 million,” he added.

Goat stock in the market, said Slamet, This is one of the causes of declining goat prices and sales. It is not only goat farmers in Banyuwangi who supply livestock stock, but breeders from Jember and others are increasing the number of goats for the Feast of Sacrifice.

“Previously there were buyers from Surabaya, Bondowoso, Situbondo, Lumajang, Sidoarjo, and Gresik who bought the goat. It's quiet now, There aren't too many local people either," he said.

Nevertheless, Slamet didn't really care about that. According to him, The ups and downs in sales and prices of goats are commonplace in the business world. “Because there is still a lot of stock at the moment, so the price is cheap. Later after Hari Raya Qurban may rise again,He said.

Nuryanto said something similar, 52, one of the goat breeders from Dusun Tojo Kidul, Temuguruh Village, Sempu Kecamatan District. The price of the goat, this year it decreased to 50 percent.

That price reduction is quite significant, makes him reluctant to sell. “Previously the price of a male goat was IDR 4 million per head, now only Rp 2 million per head," he explained.

Nuryanto admitted that he had 33 goat's tail, and only four of them are ready to sell. Very low selling price, the goat will still be looked after.

“The risk of goats not being sold immediately is quite heavy for farmers, especially livestock owners who don't have plants to feed themselves. If you have food plants, don't worry,"he said.(rei/abi)