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Student Crisis, Dozens of Schools in Banyuwangi Forced to Merger

Student Crisis, Dozens of Schools in Banyuwangi Forced to Merger

Elementary School illustration (SD) lack of students. (Photo: Muhammad Nurul Yakin/ Doc.

BANYUWANGI, – Student crisis in elementary schools (SD) occurred in Banyuwangi Regency, East Java.

as a result, education authorities (Dispendik) Banyuwangi finally decided to merge with other schools or merge.

Head of Banyuwangi Dispendik, Suratno reported, at least it already is 12 The elementary school was merged due to a lack of students.

“The merged elementary schools were evenly distributed from the south to the north. City area also exists,” Suratno said, Wednesday (23/08/2023).

He called, the merger system applies to elementary schools whose students are less than 60 children for three years in a row.

The merger was carried out so that the learning system and school management were more effective and efficient.

Meanwhile, the fate of the teachers in the merged schools, he said, still employed even though they are honorary workers.

“We apply a system of rotation and rationalization. Moreover, Banyuwangi still lacks teachers. So there are no diction teachers being laid off,” strictly.

According to him, There are several reasons why public elementary schools in some places lack students. Among them, the number of school-age children in the area where the SD is located is indeed limited.

Besides that, other causes such as the existence of private schools that are competitors to public elementary schools in adjacent locations.

“Now people are smart, how to choose a good school. This has to do with how to provide good service from schools,” he said.

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herald : Muhammad Nurul Yakin
Editor : Lutfi Hidayat