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Public Lecture at Untag Banyuwangi, Director General of Culture Invites Researchers and Students to Advance Culture

Register your email to Subscribe to news delivered directly to your mailbox – Director General Culture, Hilmar Farid gave a public lecture at August Seventeenth University (Untag) Banyuwangi, East Java has the theme "Cultural Advancement and Contribution of Young People."

Rector of Untag Banyuwangi, Andang Subaharianto delivered, Indonesia needs a strategy to be able to survive amidst the influence of foreign culture.

"Without culture, our life becomes lonely, less dynamic. On the other hand, many foreign cultural influences enter our daily lives,” said Chancellor Untag.

“Certain, This nation needs strategies and tactics so that the nation's cultural diversity continues to advance amidst the strength of foreign culture," continued Andang when opening a public lecture held at the Untag Banyuwangi Auditorium on 20 November 2023.

In his presentation, Director General of Culture Hilmar Farid began his presentation on the strategic objectives of cultural advancement, namely strengthening identity, increase cultural resilience, foster prosperity, and strengthen Indonesia's position.

Therefore, the government needs to build energy and cultural institutions, from central to regional levels, so that this goal can be achieved.

"We need to invite people whose percentage is more than that 50 percent of Indonesia's population for cultural advancement work. These young people are unique, If successful, we will direct it, could be an asset, but when it fails, can be a burden,” said Hilmar.

“So, We need to approach them and invite them to carry out strategic and practical efforts to advance culture in their immediate environment by sewing what has been produced by the community.,Papa Hilmar.

Hilmar explained further, Sewing can be interpreted as doing active documenting work, advocate, and creating creative works from a variety of cultural expressions of knowledge that have existed for thousands of years.

Advancing culture

The positive impact is para researcher and student can be actively involved in developing and utilizing the natural wealth and traditional knowledge of the community which until now has not been widely known and used.