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Cut-Line Collision with Truck, Student Killed on Jalan Denpasar-Gilimanuk

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A student riding a motorbike died after a collision with a truck on Jalan Denpasar-Gilimanuk, Banjar Bunut I speak, Bantas Village, East Selemadeg District, Tabanan, Bali, on Tuesday (8/8/2023).

The life of a student with the initials Ni Kadek TAP (16) originally from Banjar/Gunung Salak Village, East Selemadeg, It was not saved even though medical assistance was provided at the Tabanan Regional Hospital.

“The victim was unconscious and died while being treated at the Tabanan Regional Hospital,” explained the Head of Public Relations of the Tabanan Police, Iptu I Gusti Made Berata.

Berata explained that the accident occurred at around 11:00 p.m 06.30 pm. At that time, TAP rides a motorbike with a plate number (number one) DK 3479 NO. TAP gave his friend a ride, Ni Made ASA (17), from the same area.

In this accident, ASA suffered a torn wound on his lip and abrasions on his cheek. Besides that, His left wrist and right thigh were swollen.

The truck involved in this accident had the plate number P 9178 VH driven by Dwi Febrianto (31) from Banyuwangi, East Java. At that time, Dwi was on his way from Denpasar to Gilimanuk.

Meanwhile, the victim was driving from Gilimanuk towards Denpasar. At the location of the incident which is a straight path, TAP wants to cut the lane by turning right.

Because he was suspected of being careless, TAP did not realize that at the same time the truck driven by DwiFebrianto was rolling.

“From the results of the crime scene investigation, The collision occurred on the south side of the road (the route the truck travels),” clear.

He added that this traffic accident was still under investigation. However, based on crime scene processing and witness statements, The cause of the accident is thought to be due to the motorbike driver's lack of concentration when cutting the lane.

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