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Banyuwangi Samsat Holds Vehicle Tax Bleaching, Check out the date

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Banyuwangi hits.en – Provincial Government of East Java (East Java) through the Banyuwangi Samsat, the vehicle tax reduction has been implemented again starting this period 1 August to 31 October 2023.

The whitening program includes free Transfer of Name Fees (BBN) II and so on, free of administrative sanctions for motor vehicle tax arrears (PKB), Duty free on transfer of motor vehicle title (BBNKB) and free from progressive CLA.

Head of Banyuwangi Samsat Administration Novitri Andriyani said, one of the goals of free bleaching is to lighten the burden and encourage community economic growth. It is hoped that residents can use this opportunity to the maximum.

"I appeal to all people to take advantage of this momentum by flocking to pay motor vehicle tax through various existing services. Apart from easing the economy of residents, on this occasion it is also hoped to be able to increase East Java Regional Own Revenue," he said.

The woman who is familiarly called Novi explained, The bleaching has been legalized through the Decree of the Governor of East Java Number 188/341/KPTS/013/2023 concerning Regional Tax Exemption of East Java Province.

Novi said, Vehicle tax bleaching is important to increase tax potential and local revenue, especially from the PKB sector.

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