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Thieves break into SLB in Banyuwangi at night 1 Cork, Two Lost Laptops, Iron Trellis Becomes a Guide

Journalist Report East Java Tribune Network, Aflahul Abidin

TRIBUNJATIM.COM, BANYUWANGI – Two Special School classrooms (SLB) PGRI Kabat in Badean Village, Blimbingsari District, Regency Banyuwangi burgled. Two laptops costing more than Rp 20 million missing.

The theft occurred between Tuesday (18/7/2023) night until Wednesday (19/7/2023) early days, or coincide with the night 1 Suro in the Javanese calendar.

The thieves entered the classroom by damaging the iron grille with ventilation holes.

The first time Felly found out about the school burglary (25), one of the teachers. Felly came to school to take part in a zoom meeting.

“I sat in the classroom waiting for the zoom meeting time. Then it dawned on me, Why are there no laptops in class?,” kata So.

That time, he had not realized that the iron bars in the classroom were broken. He tried to enter another classroom to check his condition.

Only then, he realized that the school where he taught was burglarized. because, the latch of the door lock was broken.

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After entering class, he realized that one laptop in the class was also missing.

“In the next class, there are two laptops. One old laptop. The old laptop is still there. The one good laptop is missing,” he said.

Even though the latch was broken, The classroom door remains locked. Felly also looked around the classroom location. Only then did he realize that the iron bars in both rooms had been lost and damaged.

Information on school break-ins was reported to the Head of SLB PGRI Kabat Samsu Nurdiansah.

Samshu said, The stolen laptop is a device used by teachers for school administration purposes.

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