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Develop a Digital Agriculture Policy Roadmap, Bappenas Team Explores Ideas for Banyuwangi

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ID TEXT – National Planning and Development Agency (National Development Planning Agency) currently preparing a national digital agricultural policy roadmap. Banyuwangi became one of their references in preparing the road map.

To prepare a roadmap, the team appointed by Bappenas held a Forum Group Discussion (FGD) in Banyuwangi which was attended by a number of stakeholders. The FGD was held for two days (13-14 November 2023).

"Banyuwangi was one of the areas where FGDs were held to get input and ideas for Bappenas. We explain what Banyuwangi has done and what Banyuwangi needs in the future to develop the agricultural sector, especially regarding the use of technology for agriculture in the future,” kata Bupati Banyuwangi Ipuk Fiestiandani, Monday (27/11/2023).

The Bappenas team that came to Banyuwangi consisted of various elements. Among others, a team from the Australian Center of Agricultural Research (ACIAR), Australian Agricultural Innovation Agency ‘Beanstalk’s’, and the Center for Socioeconomic and Agricultural Policy (ICASEPS) Ministry of Agriculture, as well as from academics from Brawijaya University.

Ipuk admitted that developing the agricultural sector was a challenge for the Banyuwangi Regency Government. One of them is the issue of farmer regeneration.

"Then we need a creative way to produce a young generation of innovative farmers, visions, technologically literate. So since then 2018 creating the Jagoan Tani program, which invites millennials to get into the agricultural business with all its subsectors,” said Ipuk.

Late this, young people participating in Jagoan Tani take part in a business incubation program with mentors and practitioners working in the agricultural sector. Business capital of hundreds of millions of rupiah is provided for the best.

“We also hold the Digital Champion program for young people who are interested in developing their talents and interests. We encourage them to develop agricultural technology too,” said Ipuk.

Head of Innovation, Brawijaya University, Satria Days, explained that their visit was to prepare an agricultural technology roadmap which would be submitted to Bappenas. The results will be input for the central government to accelerate Indonesia's agricultural technology in the future.

“We chose Banyuwangi, because this area has a lot of innovation and a strong government commitment in encouraging the use of digital-based agricultural technology,he explained.

Dias gave the example of the regional government creating an innovative Jagoan Tani competition which is held every year.

“Jagoan Tani sukses melahirkan pengusaha pertanian yang sukses, even able to export its products. Some of them are also starting to develop Internet of Things-based technology (IoTs) to help agricultural efficiency,” explained Dias.

In the FGD, Jagoan Tani participants were also involved. Among others, Edy Lusi, Chairman of the Panaba Association (Banyuwangi Dragon Fruit Farmers) with the technology of using lights on dragon fruit; Mumtadz Zaid Bin Thabit millennial farmer using drone sprayer technology; Nanang Widayat is an environmentally friendly farmer who controls rat pests with the natural predator Tyto Alba.

There is also Fauzan Sukma, with Pandawa Agri Indonesia pesticide reductant technology; Abdul Rachmanjauhari from Sirtanio, with superior export quality organic rice products; and Edy Suprandono from P4S (Rural Agricultural Training Development Center) Sukatani, with vegetative development technology for horticultural seeds.