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Viral Foreign Tourists Turn on Flares at the Top of Mount Ijen Banyuwangi, Hard to Detect Identity

Journalist Report East Java Tribune Network, Aflahul Abidin

TRIBUNJATIM.COM, BANYUWANGI – Group videos foreign tourists set off flares from the top of Mount Ijen viral on social media.

Full-length videos 22 the second shows seven Caucasian travelers posing against the backdrop Ijen crater lake.

Each of them held a flare.

They also wear respirator masks.

Head of Conservation Section of BKSDA Region V Banyuwangi Purwantono confirmed that the action was carried out in the top of Mount Ijen.

In one of the videos circulating, the recording is equipped with information on the shooting date, that is 26 February 2023 o'clock 07.22 WIB.

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However, based on the investigation of the Banyuwangi Region V Conservation Section, The action allegedly took place in January 2023.

“We don't really know the exact date. But someone gave us information that it happened in January,” Purwantono said, when confirmed, Thursday (2/3/2023).

sadly, the identity of the group of tourists was not detected.

“Because foreign tourists. So it's a bit difficult to identify. And it happened a long time ago. Maybe they have returned to their country of origin,” he said.

Purwantono guessed, the action was carried out when the conditions of ascent to the top of Mount Ijen relatively quiet.

That's why there were no reports or complaints from other climbers when it happened.

His party also only found out that tourists lit flares at the top of the mountain after the video went viral.