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Due to Bad Weather, KMP Trisna Dwitya ran aground in Gilimanuk waters

Passenger of KMP Trisna Dwitya wearing a life jacket when the ship ran aground in Gilimanuk waters, Wednesday (19/07/23) – Passenger Motor Boats (km²) Trisna Dwitya could not continue his crossing journey in the sea waters of Ketapang Banyuwangi-Gilimanuk Bali because he ran aground in Gilimanuk waters, Wednesday (19/07/23) around 19:30 local time.

It is known that the KMP Trisna Dwitya ran aground due to extreme weather that hit the waters of the Bali Strait.

The chronology begins when the ship departs from the Port of Ketapang at around 16:45 WIB by transporting 25 passenger, 4 big truck, 1 medium truck, 8 trailer truck, as well as 5 motorcycle.

After sailing for over an hour, the ship captained by Tri Ananda headed for the ASDP Gilimanuk pier.

However, bad weather caused the ship to drift and could not approach the dock. about o'clock 19:30 local time, the ship finally ran aground more or less 482 meters from LCM Gilimanuk pier.

All passengers were successfully evacuated thanks to the help of several ship crews who were operating around KMP Trisna Dwitya. It wasn't long after that, patrol boats from Satpolairud Gilimanuk also came to provide assistance.

"All passengers have been evacuated. New ships can be evacuated during the day because they are waiting for the tide. After that the cargo was unloaded,"said Head of Sailing Safety Guard and Patrol KSOP Tanjung Wangi Widodo.

Widodo added, KMP Trisna Dwitya will be towed by KMP Swakarya to Gilimanuk Port on Thursday (20/07/23) around 12:00 local time.

Widodo also appealed to all ships intending to sail to pay attention to the condition of the ship. This is because the potential for strong winds and currents will continue for the next few months. (IN/DIK)

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