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Russian Tourist Action Turns On "Flare" in Ijen, Called not using local guide services and blacklisted"

BANYUWANGI, – A number of foreign tourists are suspected of being citizens (WN) Russian origin kindle flare in Ijen Crater, Banyuwangi, East Java.

The tourists are said to not use the services of local tour guides.

One of the local drivers of TWA Kawah Ijen, bleach, confirmed that the foreigners did not use guide services.

“Usually (if you use the services of a local guide) we briefing Formerly, what is prohibited and what is allowed,” said Albi to, Monday (6/3/2023).

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However, Albie mentioned, the tourists had rented masks to him. He claims he didn't know that they ended up turning on flare in Ijen Crater.

“I only sell masks. So not as a tour guide for foreigners,” kata Albi.

The video of the group of foreigners lighting the flares has also gone viral on social media.

In a full-length video 22 At that moment, seven foreign tourists were seen posing against the background of the Ijen Crater.

Each of them held flare colorful. The group of foreign nationals wearing jackets was also seen wearing respirator masks.

BKSDA explanation

Head of the Conservation Section of the East Java BKSDA Region V Banyuwangi Purwantono confirmed that the action took place at the top of Mount Ijen.