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Al Quran Monster Heavy 4 Quintals in Banyuwangi, Read during the month of Ramadan

Banyuwangi, – Besides culinary, Banyuwangi has a unique tradition during the month Ramadhan. One of them, tadarus using the Quran giant at the Baiturrahman Grand Mosque, Banyuwangi City. During the fasting month, residents read the Qur'an weighing four quintals.

Tadarus with this giant Al Quran began to appear since 2010. The size 1,5 x 2 meter. This holy book was donated by a donor. This year, the 13th time the residents held a tadarus with a giant Al Quran. Due to its large size, not everyone is allowed to read it. Because, it takes extra energy to open each page. Residents are only allowed to listen. Tadarus is chanted by seven gun, one of them a kufat or hafidz Al-Quran.

"So from the seven qori of this giant Koran, one reciter of the Koran, two tightening qori or parts of turning the pages of the Koran so they don't tear and the rest of the qori listen quietly,” said the General Secretary of the Baiturrahman Banyuwangi Grand Mosque Foundation, Iwan Azizez Siswanto.

Just like any other mosque, the tadarus procession is held after the tarawih prayer. Every night, these reciters can finish reading up to three chapters, not even until midnight.

During Ramadan, they usually finish the Al Quran twice.
This giant Quran was handwritten by Abdul Karim, residents of Kebunrejo Hamlet, Wetan Tile Village, Tile District, Banyuwangi. He is a retired Islamic Religion teacher at a high school.

The creation of this Al-Quran is based on his love of writing calligraphy. This book is spent 32 so spidol then 40 hit the target. The paper was specially imported from Japan. The process took six months and cost more than IDR 183 million. This phenomenal work was donated to the Baiturrahman Great Mosque in 5 September 2010. Since then, during Ramadan, residents read it for tadarus. (flowers/hen)