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Banyuwangi Customs Destroys Millions of Cigarette Sticks and Thousands of Liters of Illegal Drinks

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ID TEXT – Office of Supervision and Service of Customs and Excise Middle Type Customs C (KPPBC TMP C) Banyuwangi destroyed millions of illegal cigarettes and thousands of liters of illegal alcohol on Friday (17/3/2023). The total price of goods destroyed reached Rp 1,6 billion.

Agus Sudarmaji, Head Customs Region II East Java, said that the items destroyed had become the property of the state (BMN).

This demolition has obtained approval from the Jember State Property and Auction Service Office.

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Several illegal excisable goods were the result of investigations along with evidence that had been decided by the District Court (PN) Banyuwangi also destroyed.

The goods destroyed consist of 1.019.252 illegal cigarettes and 7.735,01 liters of illegal alcoholic beverages of various brands.

Agus stated that the results of this prosecution showed the seriousness of Customs and Excise in dealing with the circulation of excisable goods.

During the year 2022, Customs and Excise parties have cooperated with the Regional Government in combating illegal cigarettes and illegal alcohol circulation, including in Banyuwangi.

Agus added that this success was the result of collaboration between Forkopimda and all levels, as well as in order to celebrate the holy month of Ramadhan.

Customs Banyuwangi revealed that this illegal item needs to be eradicated because it has a serious impact if it is consumed by people who are not on target.

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These items were declared illegal because from a quality control point of view they were not standardized, in terms of national income there is also no tax tape, and potentially lower prices.

So Himawan, Head office Customs Banyuwangi, added that the amount of BMN destruction was the result of prosecution of illegal excisable goods during 2022 higher than the previous year.

Customs Banyuwangi also revealed that there is 8 suspect in the illegal distribution of cigarettes and alcohol in 2022 which has been decided by the State Court Banyuwangi.