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Similar Shape to the Original, Equipped with Power Steering

UNIQUE: The mini truck follows the Trajaba road.
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UNIQUE: The mini truck follows the Trajaba road.

Residents of Kumendung Village, Muncar District, have interesting hobbies. In the last year, several village residents have become obsessed with playing with mini trucks.


The appearance of a relatively small truck is very attractive. The shape is similar to an actual truck. Starting from the front cabin (head) up to the back, everything looks like the original. The wheels installed are original rubber wheels. Even, to make it more comfortable when driving, The tiny truck is also equipped with power steering.

The sizes of trucks made by residents of Kumendung Village are quite diverse. The smallest is approx 1,5 meters wide 60 centimeters and about one meter high. The largest trucks have long dimensions 2,4 meter, wide 90 centimeter, and high 1,5 meter. “Mine seems to be the biggest,” said Samsul Hadi Irawan, 40, Kumendung Village residents.

This miniature truck has been loved by residents of Kumendung Village in the last year. Even, it is not uncommon for residents of neighboring villages to join in making trucks, like the residents of Sumbersewu Village, Muncar District; Desa Bomo, Rogojampi Kecamatan District; and Rejoagung Village, Bagorejo Village, and Wonosobo Village, Srono . District. “The first to make this mini truck was from Kumendung,"said Samsul.

The beginning of the existence of the mini truck community was apparently inspired by children's cars in Kumendung Village. Because it is considered good, young people and old people finally joined in- joins in making cars that are quite large in size. "In Kumendung Village, now there are approx 40 mini truck unit,He said.

The large number of residents who made mini trucks eventually gave birth to a miniature truck community. The community members do not only come from Kumendung Village, but also from neighboring villages. “The members are approx 75 mini truck unit,” said Samsul who also served as head of affairs (kaur) general at the Kumendung Village office.

The mini truck community also has regular activities, namely going around the village every Saturday night. "Every Saturday night, we gather at the village office and go for a walk together," he said. The village roads always get the attention of residents. Especially, Each truck driver is equipped with various interesting accessories. “It has lights like a real car, and almost all trucks are equipped with a sound system," he said.

The various accessories on the miniature truck make the cost of making the truck even more expensive. Not suprisingly, making one mini truck can cost up to Rp 15 million more. "When counted, I ran out of Rp 15 million more," he said. Samsul's truck is made of wood and plywood. The mini truck is fitted with wheels and paint like a Fuso truck.

To make a truck and lighting accessories it actually only costs Rp 5,5 million. “The expensive thing is the sound system, genset, and projector along with screen," he explained. Even though it's only a miniature with a small size, but the truck made by Samsul can be ridden by adults. Even, So that the road goes correctly it must be controlled by a driver. “There's just no machine, so if you walk you have to push it,He said.

Not all of these miniature trucks cost tens of millions of rupiah. There are also those that cost less than Rp 10 million. “On average, accessories cost around Rp 10 million. The more accessories, the more it costs,said Husen, head of Kumendung Village, Muncar District. Husen said he was proud of the creativity of his residents. Especially, The miniature truck community unites teenagers and youth in the village.

“Every Sunday night we invite a gathering at the village office,He said. The activity, which is carried out by means of a miniature truck procession, is expected to reduce the number of juvenile delinquents. "''From them slander and often cause negative actions, it's better to gather together while playing mini trucks," he said. (radar)

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