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Suspected Electrical Shortage, Banyuwangi BKPP Training Center Warehouse Burnt, Tens of Million Losses

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Journalist Report East Java Tribune Network, Aflahul Abidin

TRIBUNJATIM.COM, BANYUWANGI – Fire broke out in BKPP Banyuwangi Training Center in Taman Sari Village, Licin District, Tuesday (10/1/2021).

Building warehouse burned down. The items in it also become charcoal.

Fire Service Secretary Banyuwangi Gatot Suyono explained, fire presumably due to an electrical short circuit or electric short circuit in the warehouse.

The warehouse building stands apart from other buildings. So even though the building was completely sold out, No other buildings were also consumed by the fire.

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“Impact fire, some chairs and tables burnt. Inside there are also traditional musical instruments which are also burned,” Gatot said.

To put out the fire, three fire engines were deployed along with one car supplying water.

The fire burned the warehouse for about an hour. Start at 09.30 WIB until 10.30 WIB.

It makes the entire warehouse sold out. Nothing remained but brick walls and asbestos roofs.

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Acting Head of DKPP Banyuwangi Ilzam Nuzuli said, the information he received from the training center officer said, fire unknown since the fire has not spread to the rest of the building.

“But the fire quickly grew because there were a lot of mattresses in the warehouse,” he said.

Officers on site contacted the fire department to put out the fire quickly. But, fire continued to scorch the entire warehouse before it was finally tamed.

He called, There are some items in the warehouse. Among others, chair, table, gamelan musical instrument, and some electronics.

“Most of the items are damaged and we have submitted them for asset write-off,” he said.

They are calculating, consequential loss fire it's around Rp 50 million. That value is the cost that needs to be spent to repair the warehouse building.