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Raids still popping up

raidedBANYUWANGI – Crazy person (orgil) who roam in public places are re-emerging in the center of Banyuwangi City. Raid "cleaning" the area carried out by officers of the Civil Service Police Unit (PP Satpol) as if only "effective" to remove the unpleasant scene in a day or two.

Proven, a few days after the raid conducted by local law enforcement officers (loss) the, now orgil is again easily found at a number of points in the area of ​​Kota Gandrung. Java Post Radar Banyuwangi monitoring yesterday (19/7), at least three orgils roam around Banyuwangi District.

An orgil walked down Jalan Basuki Rahmat, another orgil sat lesehan at the junction of three Jalan Surati, and one orgil paced around the intersection of Taman Blambangan, Scented water. How about this? (radar)

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