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Panderejo buys e-pads

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BANYUWANGI – The best participants try out elementary school-madrasah ibtidaiah level (SD MI) received the award yesterday morning (7/3). The awarding of prizes to the ten students who got the highest marks was symbolically carried out on the SDN page 1 Panderejo, Banyuwangi.

Coordinator of the Banyuwangi Radar Try Out Committee, Iwan Setiono said, SDN 1 Panderejo was deliberately chosen as the location for giving the best participant prizes. Because, the five elementary school students succeeded in dominating the ten best try outs in Banyuwangi Regency. Five elementary school students 1 Panderejo managed to rank one to five.

Especially, previously, this school is not counted in the try out. However, in fact in the try out held by Radar Banyuwangi in collaboration with K3S Banyuwangi Regency, PT. Tendency, and Bank Mandiri Banyuwangi, SDN 1 Panderejo was able to become the best.”The five students were able to bring the school a good name at the district level," said SDN Head 1 Panderejo, Sudiraharjo.

No wonder, hundreds of students and extended families of SDN 1 Panderejo enthusiastically welcomed the prize giving of the best try out participants. Elementary School students 1 Panderejo who won the highest try out score was Lukman Nul Hakim, M. Haris Primary, and Y. Anisyah Salsa B. Besides that, also Fika Italiani and Fathia Ali yanita.

They received awards from sponsors who supported the ongoing try out 21 February 2012 then. The first to third highest scorers get an E-Pad. They also received savings of Rp 300 thousand from the Bank
Independent Banyuwangi, book gift, and subscribe to the Jawa Pos-Radar newspaper
Banyuwangi free for two months.

Those with the highest scores from fourth to tenth receive a savings of Rp 200 thousand, book gift, and a free newspaper subscription throughout 2 month." This award is a reward for try out participants who become 10 the best,'' explained Iwan Setiono. Meanwhile, Prize distribution is carried out alternately by representatives of the sponsors. The first submission was made by the Head of K3S Banyuwangi District, Sudiraharjo.

After that, Dental, representative of Bank Mandiri Banyuwangi; Head of UPTD Education Banyuwangi District, Noorhamim; Head of Kindergarten/Elementary School Department of Banyuwangi Education, Bath; and Director of Radar Banyuwangi, Choliq Baya. "Congratulations to the try out winners. Hopefully this achievement can be maintained,said Director RaBa, Choliq Baya. (RADAR)

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