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Banyuwangi's Gandrung Sewu Festival is back to greet the world

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Banyuwangi ( – The colossal Gandrung Sewu dance performance will be held again on 29 October 2022 coming. A thousand dancers continue to practice to make the Banyuwangi Festival a success (B-Fest) which is included in one of the national tourism agendas from the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism.

Banyuwangi Regent Ipuk Fiestiandani said that the event has been held since 2012 that, could be a momentum to revive Banyuwangi tourism.

"As instructed by the President, all of them are required to travel within the country, in order to protect the nation's economy. Therefore, we also need to welcome those instructions properly. One of them is by holding the best tourism event,” he added.

After pausing on 2020, Gandrung Sewu was held last year. However, the concept is carried out virtually in various places. Not only in Banyuwangi, but also in a number of cities in Indonesia and the world where there is a Banyuwangi Family Association (Ikawangi) in that place.

"Then this year, we held directly at Boom Beach on 29 this October," explained Ipuk.

Gandrung sehu this time carries the theme of Sumunare Tlatah Blambangan which means Luster of Blambangan Earth. According to the Head of the Department of Culture and Tourism, MY Bramuda, This theme is taken as the spirit of Banyuwangi to rise after facing a pandemic. "This is in line with the tagline initiated by the Regent of Banyuwangi, namely Banyuwangi Rebound," he said.

The inspiration comes from the story of Banyuwangi when it was still an area of ​​the Blambangan Kingdom. at that time, the kingdom was hit by a plague. Even, the king's daughter named Dewi Sekardadu, infected. Nobody can heal. Until later, a cleric named Sheikh Maulana Ishak came to Blambangan.

"The arrival of Syekh Maulana Ishak who succeeded in curing the plague in Blambangan is the main fragment in Gandrung Sewu this time,"said Bramuda.

Bramuda also mentioned that this event received an extraordinary response from students in Banyuwangi. Almost 3.000 students from elementary and junior high schools who participated in the selection and were screened 1.248 participant. “Not only from public schools. There were also madrasas and pesantren-based schools who participated in the selection,” he said.

Participating in an event as big as Gandrung Sewu does give its participants pride. This is as recognized by Moza Kurnia Natasya. “I am very happy to have passed the selection to join Gandrung Sewu this year,” said the junior high school student 1 That Tegalsari.

Andini Masayu also expressed the same thing. Middle school students 1 Purwoharjo who has joined Gandrung Sewu this third time, admitted that he was always enthusiastic to practice and take part in the selection. "Wanna keep going. It's great,” said the girl who claimed to have practiced dance since kindergarten.

Similar pride can also be seen from his parents. Seno Putri from Kedunggebang Village, The Tegaldlimo sub-district is willing to travel more than an hour to watch their two grandchildren practice at the Diponegoro Stadium. even though, all training participants have been accompanied by officers from the school and from the sub-district.

"It feels good (happy), can see the children dancing here. Not all of you can join," he concluded. (*)