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Kasatlantas and KRI removed

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OTT Impact of the Saber Extortion Team in the SIM Section

BANYUWANGI – Operation Catch Hand (THERE) the East Java Extortion Saber team against Baur Sim Banyuwangi Police, Chief Inspector Indaryanto, last week had a long tail. Two important officials in the ranks of the Banyuwangi Police Traffic Unit were "awu anget" from the fast action of the Saber Extortion team..

The OTT impact, Kasatlantas AKP Supiyan and Kanitregident (KRI) Iptu A. Nasution was removed from his position. Both of them were sent to the East Java Regional Police as mako services (burning). Supiyan's dismissal was quite surprising because he had not even been serving as traffic police officer for two months.

Who will replace Supiyan and Nasution? Supiyan's position as Kasatlantas was replaced by AKP Ris Andrian Yuda Nugroho who previously served as Kasatlantas Situbondo Police. Ris Andrian is said to be the biological son of Komjen Pol (pur) Imam Sujarwo, former Banyuwangi Police Chief.

The new Regional Head position will be filled by Inspector Yudhi Anugrah Putra, who previously served as Head of BPKB at the East Java Regional Police.. Responding to the removal of AKP Supiyan and Inspector A. Nasution, Police Chief AKBP Agus Yulianto emphasized that changing positions is a normal thing in the police ranks.

“That's normal. Transfers are normal," he said. When asked whether the change of position was related to the OTT of the Saber Extortion team at the Banyuwangi Police Satpas, The native Semarang officer did not comment much. He chose to remain silent as he entered his room.

What about two members of the Traffic Police and a casual daily worker (PHL) who was arrested by the Saber Extortion team 30 last January? After being questioned by the East Java Regional Police Propam for more than a week, The three people have returned to Banyuwangi.

They are Baur SIM Aiptu Indariyanto, member of the Suwoko Aiptu Traffic Police, and a PHL Efendi. Yesterday the three of them appeared to be on duty as usual at the Banyuwangi Police Headquarters. Previously reported, Monday (30/1) The East Java Extortion Saber team ransacked the Banyuwangi Police Security Unit.

Two members of the Banyuwangi Police Traffic Unit and one civilian were arrested by the Saber Extortion team Monday afternoon (30/1) It was immediately taken into custody by the East Java Regional Police. Until yesterday, the three of them were still undergoing examination at the East Java Regional Police Propam. Apart from securing Indarijanto, Suwoko, and Effendi, The Saber Extortion team also confiscated a number of pieces of evidence.

After messing around with the Banyuwangi Police SIM Security Unit, The Saber Pungli team, which consisted of more than four people, immediately left the police station and moved to Surabaya. They also brought two police officers and a police officer who were suspected of carrying out extortion practices at the Banyuwangi Police SIM Satpas..

Operation Catch Hand (THERE) what the Saber Extortion team carried out took place at 12.15. They came driving two four-wheeled vehicles. A black vehicle with the plate number N entered the police station yard and stopped right at the BPKB master card warehouse.

A red car with AG plates stopped at the outer gate of the eastern police station fence. Then, The team moved towards the entrance to the Banyuwangi Police SIM Satpas. Wearing shorts and a t-shirt, the Saber Extortion team rummaged through the officer's desk in front of the entrance.

A map was successfully secured at that place. The Saber Pungli team, who were tall and white, immediately arrested Aiptu Suwoko. The non-commissioned officer in charge of distributing the forms was led to the SIM registration room.

In that room, Saber Pungli officers asked all officers at the registration counter to collect all cell phones. Cell phones belonging to BRI counter officers next to the SIM registration counter were also confiscated. OTT at the Banyuwangi Police was confirmed by the Head of Public Relations of the East Java Regional Police, Police Commissioner Frans Barung Mangera.

According to him, OTT at the Banyuwangi Police is part of the clean-up effort. Especially acts of unprofessionalism within the National Police. “This is a follow-up to the presidential decree regarding the formation of the Task Force to Sweep Off Illegal Taxes (Pungli Saber)," he said at that time.

Within the National Police, Barung continued, Efforts to clean up members' unprofessionalism are being intensively carried out. This is to build public trust. Nah, The OTT at Banyuwangi Police seems to be proof of this commitment.

"The East Java Regional Police Chief has said that he will not use wet blankets which if used will only burden him,” stressed the police academy graduate 1992 that. (radar)

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